Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Why Pandora Box is bad by Rayhaan

Why Pandoras Box is bad
Pandora's box is bad because it contains bad things and who ever opens it will get something bad and then it will haunt you and pandora was the first woman on earth.The box contains disease and war and many bad things and these bad things come out when people disobey gods.
The myth came by bad things happening and by people dieing and people getting sick and then one person had opened pandora's box and all of the bad things came out and the only way to stop all the bad things to close the box and then all of the evil things will go away.All the humans had to fight all the bad spirits and diseases and other bad stuff and lots of people had to get kill and that is all because of one person and lots of people had to get killed and some brave people try to shut pandora box so all of the bad things will go away but all of them failed.
One man was strong enough to punch through all the evil thing that were coming out of the box and that was the strongest man in there village but that strong man went too far in and all of the bad thing shunned him and trapped him and ate him and all the evil things became stronger and stronger.
So the war from pandora's box kept on happenings and more people kept on dying  and the people thigh of a way of how to shut pandora's box by making a catapult and putting a big rock on it and shooting it on top of pandora's box and that will close it.
So the people did it and they did it they closed pandora's box and then all the bad things disappear and all of the people where fine expect for all the dead people.everything was messy so the people had to clean it and they cleaned it and everybody was fine except for all of the dead people.The person that opened Pandora's box got sentenced for death.  The End  
Moral of the story don't open a random box you don't know what's inside.
By Rayhaan

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