Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Traditional Tale

The Love Between a Human and a Yokai

A long time ago there lived a god named Ken, he saved a yokai fox named Darien. Darien was walking down a pathway covered in blood because, he promised a woman that he’d be by her side forever. But unlike yokai’s humans die way earlier than yokais. Darien made a bet with the trading god that he’d be by Selena forever, Selena was the girl Darien loved. Selena died of a sick illness, and Darien made a bet if Selena dies between a year and two, Darien will die after a while as well. But luckily Darien met Ken, Ken was the god of land, he made Darien forget what happened in the past 30 years. Then Ken offered Darien to become his familiar, Darien didn’t know he forgot what happened in the last 30 years including Selena. A familiar is where you need to serve your god and obey his/her’s every command. But soon after Ken went into hiding for twenty years leaving Darien to look after the shrine.

Twenty years later a normal girl that went to high school called Serena was a poor girl. Her mum died when she was only in kindergarten, and her dad abandoned Serena to leave her with his debt. And now Serena is now kicked out of her apartment and she has nowhere to go, “please someone help me” shouted Ken up in a tree. Serena went to help Ken “Thank you young lady, it’s been a while since I’ve been back in this town” said Ken. Serena didn’t know Ken was a land god, “Serena why don’t you live in my shrine” suggested Ken, then kissed Serena on the forehead. Out of nowhere Ken disappeared, Serena was wondering how did that guy knew her name and Serena was holding a piece of paper of where the shrine was. Serena went to the Ken’s shrine, out of nowhere Darien attacked her “You finally came back, where have you been all these years Ken” bellowed Darien. Then the spirits of the shrine was telling Darien that Serena has the mark of the god on her forehead. “Welcome Lady Serena” greeted the spirits of the shrine, “Lady Serena you have the mark of the land god on your forehead” explained the shrine spirits. Then Serena just realized why that guy kissed her on the forehead.

“Oh, thank goodness this was just a dream” sighed Serena she was in bed, “excuse me Lady Serena but that was not a dream” said the shrine spirits. “You are now our god, so please fulfill the job of the god” asked the shrine spirits. “Finally you’re a wake where is Ken?” asked Darien forcefully, “who’s Ken” said Serena “The land god you dummy” replied Darien. “Oh my life, I’m going to stop being a stupid familiar now”, “wait master Darien” implored the shrine spirits. “Lady Serena you need to get master Darien back otherwise we’ll have no hope of raising this shrine” requested the spirits. “But how do I make the no manners guy a familiar again” asked Serena, “that’s easy, you just have to kiss him on the lips and he will obey your every command” explained the spirits. “WHAT, there is no way I’d kiss that guy” screamed Serena, then the spirits dragged Serena to go get Darien back. But suddenly Serena got chased by a yokai and the spirits went to get Darien. Serena climbed up a tree and Darien came to see the fun, but then Serena slipped and dragged Darien with her then kissed Darien. “Darien help me” shouted Serena, and Darien used his yokai powers and helped Serena. “You stupid yokai, now I’m stuck being a stupid familiar again” complained Darien.

But suddenly, Darien remembered the past of him and Selena. His heart started beating so quickly, but out of nowhere Ken finally appeared and put Darien to sleep. “Okay, Serena, do you want to help Darien” asked Ken impatiently, “yes of course” answered Serena. “But how do I save him, what can I do?” panicked Serena, “I guess it’s time to tell you” interjected Ken”. “Okay, Listen carefully Serena you are the reincarnation of Darien’s lover, her name was Selena” explained Ken. “What no way” clamoured Serena, “calm down, if you want to save Darien you will need to go back in time and go find the trading god, and give something in return, so that he could break the curse of Darien’s death” explained Ken. “Fine, I’ll help him but only just because he saved me” added Serena, then Ken gave Serena a pill to eat and allowed her to go back in time.

Serena shouted out for the trading god many times and finally she appeared, “young lady, are you here to trade me for something?” asked the god of trades. “Yes, I would like you to break the curse of Darien’s death and in return I’ll do anything” employed Serena. “You’ll do anything?” questioned the god of trades, “yes as long as you lift the curse off Darien” ensured Serena. “Fine, but in return you’ll have to die, but you can come back again if you remember what happened between you and Darien” provided the god. “I’ll take the offer” agreed Serena, “and one more thing when you remember, it will take you another thirty years to reappear back in Ken’s Shrine” said the god of trades. “Fine by me, so how do I save Darien” asked Serena, “all you need to do is kiss him on the lips, I’ll put a spell on you that will lift the curse” stated the god. Then Serena appeared back in the present time, Serena kissed Darien once more. Suddenly Darien started waking up, as he opened his eyes Serena started disappearing. “Darien I remember now, I remember” cried Serena, “Serena don’t leave me again” begged Darien. “Don’t worry, wait for me I’ll come back in thirty years, oh and Darien I love you” said Serena in a relieved voice. “I love you too Serena, I’ll wait for you no matter what” cried Darien, and then Serena disappeared with a smile. Darien has been waiting for Serena for 29 years, 12 months and 30 days now and when the clock stroked 12:00 midnight. Out of nowhere Serena appeared right in front of Darien’s eyes “I’ve been waiting” said Darien in a ecstatic voice, and Serena ran to hug Darien. So that’s how people now know how to love and they would do anything for their loved ones.

By Natalie

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