Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Tradition story

Villagers and that lived in the forever village are very talented at music but they are dying one by one, killed, eaten by the werewolfs. a villager manage to escape, a  werewolf went after her they crossed over mountains by mountains, rivers by river until they arrived to the light city. But after they went in the city the werewolf lost track where the villager was going

3 years later on the first day of Musical school the teacher that is in Room 3 asked two new girls what’s there name and where they from. The girl on the left told the class her name is Bella, the girl on the right did the same her name was Mella. When Bella and Mella told the class they are from forever village everyone laughed, a classmate of theirs called out “forever village disappeared 3 years ago.” “yeah, we are the only ones that survived” said Bella “girls you can sit on the far table there.” said the teacher. Bella

When Room 3 had their first test which is about piano this time Mella came first and Bella came second, “I am going to bet you next time” Chuckled Bella But Mella just went away. She knew she was the only one that manage to escape “maybe she is another villager?” she thought this in her head but of course she’s wrong, Bella is actually the werewolf that tried to kill Mella. Bella’s plan was to be alone with Mella than eat her.

On the next day Bella was pretending to be nice to Mella and Mella believed in her they went to Bella’s room for a sleepover, later that night Bella turned into a werewolf and jumped on to Mella and before Mella could say anything she died.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

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