Tuesday, 12 September 2017

How The Whale Got FAT

A long time ago Whales actually were small creatures. Wales had a problem, they had a addiction of eating to much food and not leaving anything for other creatures. After a while sea creatures were getting weak and hungry.

One Whale called Larry ate one to many fish and was small creatures. He was ugly and no one like him because he was mean.One day he ate a dolphin king. Someone got angry and punished him he was unknown and has great powers he was call the stalker.

The stalker said to larry he has to much dolphins so he decided to punish all of the dolphins for larry's acts but he changed his mind he gave a condition if larry ate one more dolphin he would be killed and the others will be punished but larry did not listen he was to mad he ate a baby whale started at the head and the blood went everywhere

the stalker sensed it with his powers he summoned lary and killed them the stalker was still very angry and he punished all of the whales by making them fat and making them lose their teeth. The stalker was sorry for the dolphins so he gave them a present their voice and a myth that they would be a famous animal

Over 100,000 years later. Humans have evolved whales are considered the fastest animal on earth and the dolphins have been a very famous creature. But one dolphin want to kill the stalker


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