Wednesday, 6 September 2017

BAD HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad house
Once upon a time there lived a boy and a family then the mum said to the child named Jimmy Mum said go get dinner but Jimmy sore a sword and then Jimmy bought that home and then Jimmy’s mum said want are we going to have for dinner Jimmy said we can eat you then Jimmy chopped up his mum and then the dad said what are we having for dinner Jimmy said it is mcdonalds then Jimmy’s dad ate it and then died then Jimmy had no parents so then Jimmy went to go live with his friend and then he got there and his friend said why are you here because I chopped my mum up and my dad died then Jimmy’s friend said get out of here then Jimmy was homeless then Jimmy learned from his mistake then he wanted to change everything then Jimmy decided to make a time machine but then Jimmy had to go find all the things to make a time machine but Jimmy doesn't even know how to make a time machine so then Jimmy had an idea because it was 15 years later so then Jimmy had a idea to go back to his house and people say that Jimmy’s mum and dad haunt the place but Jimmy knew that ghost aren’t real so Jimmy went in there so Jimmy went in there then Jimmy could “JIMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU” said a random person Jimmy knew it was nothing then Jimmy found the first thing to build his time machine it is a clock and then the random person said to Jimmy “WHY DON’T YOU LIKE ME JIMMY I WILL STEAL THE CLOCK IF YOU DON’T PLAY WITH ME” “no I will bring you back” said Jimmy “HOW DID YOU KNOW IT WAS ME JIMMY” said random person. “Who wait MUM” “YES YOU REMEMBER ME HOW WILL YOU BRING ME BACK TO LIFE” said Jimmy’s mum “I am making a time machine” said Jimmy “OH OKAY WELL THEN I DON’T FORGIVE YOU WHAT YOU DID” said Jimmy’s mum “why” said Jimmy “DON’T YOU REMEMBER YOU ATE ME FOR DINNER” “yeah that is why I am going to build a time machine” said Jimmy then Jimmy ran away into the bathroom then Jimmy found the next thing a leaver then Jimmy heard another voice but it wasn't Jimmy’s mum voice. “JIMMYYYYYYY I WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU” then Jimmy just kept on running around like a headless chicken then Jimmy found everything then Jimmy just needed a wrench but then it was floating then there were two voices “JIMMY WE WILL GIVE YOU THE WRENCH BUT YOU NEED TO PLAY WITH US” “okay then” said Jimmy then Jimmy got polarise then he just needed to whack the toilet then he did then back to the past then Jimmy’s mum said can you  go get dinner and Jimmy said sure then when Jimmy was out Jimmy saw himself getting the sword then future Jimmy punched him and past Jimmy despaired then future Jimmy put the sword back then bought dinner and lived happily ever after but Past Jimmy was still alive to be continued

By: Jamie       


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