Wednesday, 6 September 2017

A spider and the christmas tree

A spider and the Christmas tree

One day there was a spider named Harry and Harry lived in a house. The owners of the house were named the Browns, the Browns were so excited because Christmas was coming up and they were going to buy a massive Christmas cardboard cylinder roll which they called a tree which was going to go in their living room.

The spider was very uncomfortable in every place in the house because there was no comfortable place to sleep, then one day the Browns came back home from a tiring day at work and school and with them they brought a big cylinder roll which they called a Christmas tree which everyone in their town have and they also call it a Christmas tree, when the spider looked at it, he thought that the Christmas cylinder roll would be a perfect place to sleep, so when all the Browns went to bed Harry crawled over to the Christmas tree and climbed up it.

Harry couldn’t go to sleep on the Christmas cylinder roll because it was uncomfortable. 10 hours later Harry was still tossing and turning on the Christmas cylinder roll because it was so uncomfortable then Harry realised that if he wanted to sleep here it would have to look glamorous and be comfortable so the spider decided to make the dull Christmas tree look beautiful, so Harry made loads of webs around the tree and kept on doing it around and around it and when it was done the webs looked like proper branches on a Christmas tree which is the exact same design on Harry’s family’s Christmas tree when his family used to have Christmas when he was a spiderling.

By Lili

When all the Browns woke up they came into their living room and looked at their christmas tree and were so amazed wondering who would have done this to their christmas tree to make it look so amazing, Mr Brown said to Mrs Brown “Who did this amazing artwork to our christmas tree?” Yeah who did this” Mrs Brown said back to Mr Brown “I am so excited for christmas!”Olivia said the oldest one out of the five kids. Now from that day on everyone was inspired to have Christmas trees with branches and not just a cylinder roll.    

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