Wednesday, 6 September 2017

3AM! by Lucan

Writing about 3:00 am

Why 3am is bad
3:00 am is bad cause all the spirits of the devil comes out to haunt a random location / house. Wherever they go leaves a path of terrified people. The spirits of the devil come out at 3am cause 3am is k/ Witches hour. Many youtubers have made videos on 3am and if you know 3am is known as the “Devil's is terrifying To see People on youtube do the 3am challenge on events like the Eclipse,Halloween and more events and in all the events different things happen on halloween a youtuber managed to catch a black figure in a bush and started to run then the black figure was running too the video cut off when he was hiding behind a tree then he looked behind him and the black figure was there the video ended there. Guava juice is a known youtuber he done 3am challenge on the Eclipse and if u do not know what the Eclipse is it is when the moon blocks the sun and then it goes dark then he went to an abandoned farm and found dolls lying on trees then he ran and fell on the grass then hurt his leg. He was telling his cousin to help then his eyes closed then opened he started screaming and trying to attack his cousin the cousin immediately told the recorder to stop the recording and it cut off with Guava juice attacking his cousin while screaming.

Why does it have to be 3am
I done some research about this and i can only find a youtuber which is Guava juice and he explained about it warning though it may or not be true. “The devils come out at 3am because god died at 3pm and the devils mock that fact” that was the exact words Guava juice said and i believe it is correct but i may be wrong cause cultures think different about god and 3am so yeah.

Will the spirits come for you?
The spirits come out at 3am like normal but it will go for only those who stay up or wake up at 3am those who are asleep at that time will be left alone for an unknown reason.

What will you experience at 3am?

You will experience a whole lot of scary things only if the spirits come after you. I have done this challenge believe it or not and i heard a bunch of noises from the front of my house. It sounded like screaming and a whole lotta other stuff. And i knew it was not my family cause i was the only one on the awake playing on my computer with my friend Dayton then the noises came out of nowhere and i went STRAIGHT to bed… cause if you stay up or wake up at 3am you have to go to sleep till it ends which is at 4am at 4am they go back in to where ever they came from / the devil.


  1. Woah! That was a very detailed piece of writing!! Just remember the puncuation; Spaces after commas, commas alone, full stops and super long sentences. Good job though!