Thursday, 10 August 2017

Trust No One. (Chapter 1)

Trust No One
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Chapter One
A different School Day.
*Beep Beep* The loud ringing woke sarah up so suddenly. She rubbed her eyes and looked at her alarm clock. “Oh my gosh!! It’s 6:30am already?! I feel like I fell asleep an hour ago!” The Truth was she had, she had stayed up all night stressing and studying for a huge math test. Sleepily, she got out of bed and headed to her wardrobe. She got dressed and went to the kitchen for breakfast. Her parents weren't there which was unusual to Sarah because they were always there making breakfast but they weren’t. She made herself breakfast and grabbed her lunch.

As she stepped onto the big yellow school bus a familiar voice yelled “Sarah hey! Come sit!” Sarah walked towards the voice and replied “Hey Victoria! Did you study for that test?” Victoria hadn’t studied at all, she was busy playing games on her i-pad her parent’s had recently got her. “Uhh….. yeah totally! You did to right?” she said hoping she had. “Well yeah, I can’t fail this year, my parents would kill me if I did!”. They talked the entire way to school. Sarah looked out of the window and noticed and strange silver object moving in the distance. She stared at it for a while and noticed it was staring straight at her.. She got a fright and looked forwards. She noticed the school building was getting bigger.
She got off the bus with Victoria and walked up the concrete steps and into her school.

As Sarah and Victoria walked down the long hallway, a random plant fell on Sarah and smashed as it hit the ground. “ Oww gosh! I swear that came out of nowhere!” Victoria was on the floor dieing from laughter. Sarah rubbed her sore head, looked down and picked up a leaf with something engraved on it. “Our World Is ChangingSarah put the leaf in her pocket and about 15 seconds later, her head started thumping and her vision got blurry. She started trembling and fell over, She saw Victoria staring at her and a lady walking up to her .

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