Sunday, 13 August 2017


It was 3.00 am. We were alone, in our car. Men outside were screaming and shouting. Sirens, helicopters and dogs were everywhere. Four 11 year olds. Campbell, Jamie, Rayhaan and Lucan. I turned on the camera.

Ok, 3, 2, 1, *Jamie makes a gunshot noise with his mouth.* We were acting out a little detective movie on my iPad. We were 17 minutes in, until Campbell saw flashlights bobbing up and down on our property. “You guys see that?” Campbell  asked. “OMG!! Who is that?” Rayhaan asked. Knock Knock! KNOCK KNOCK! They looked over at the window, and saw a cop standing there. Jamie opened the door. “Whats going on?” Asked Lucan. “Why are you guys out here, it’s like… 3.18 am!” Yelled the cop. “We were recording a detective movie”. I complained. “Ok… But get inside.” Said the cop very calmly. We all sprinted inside. The cop followed us. “Where are your parents” Asked the cop. “Ugh, erm… yeah. They are…” Campbell mumbled. “They are getting groceries.” Jamie lied. “Well,” Said the cop. “Stay tight until they get back. Said the cop, walking away.

They all decided to go to bed. We got changed, lied down and fell asleep. At around 4:16 am, Lucan woke up. His door opened up, and a man ran in and hid under his bed. “H-hey! Who are you?” Asked Lucan. “SHH!” Whispered the man. Lucan ran into Rayhaan’s room and woke him up, to tell him about the man. “It’s OK, we will tell Campbell when he gets out of the shower.” Suddenly, Campbell walked out of his room. “Whats going on?” He asked. “OK… we will wait until Jamie gets out. We waited, until they saw Jamie's room door open. “Why are you guys out of be--. Who is in the shower?” CRACK!! CRACK!! SMASH! Cops destroyed our door, and came running into our house with dogs, guns and tasers. “WHERE IS HE? THE MAN!” Yelled the same cop that came before. “U-m--m In the… SHOWER!” They sprinted into the shower. Campbell, Jamie, Rayhaan and Lucan heard loud screams and shouts. Everything went quiet, until they came out with the man. A stranger had been in our house in our shower, washing the smell of of him so the dogs can’t find him! "Hey, why is the man wanted officer?" Asked Rayhaan. "He was over at KFC, then he pointed a gun at the registers, asking for money. They gave it to him, then he told them to make him some spicy chicken. We came, and saw he was leaving the scene. We chased him down the roads, and he brought us here." The cops simply walked away with the man, and left.
We decided to watch TV and stay up all night so that if cops come back to tell us anything, we are awake. After a couple hours of flicking through channels, we decided to watch the news. Apparently a man had broken out of Jail and took a boy named Lucan. "Ha! Lucan! Come here! A man broke out of Jail and took a boy named Lucan! Huh. Where is Lucan? LUCAN!!! He was gone.

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