Monday, 7 August 2017

The Bad News...

As some of you know… Mrs Notley is leaving Reremoana. She has worked so hard, and done her best for nine whole years! I was just wanting to write about all the amazing things you have done for room five.

  1. You have always put a smile on everyone's faces, all the time. (trust me, it’s not what you look like.. to me anyways.) All the time you make us laugh by telling stories, reading books, telling jokes, and roasting William and Brayden. ← (Brayden only because of his stinky smell)

  1. You have made us achieve goals we thought we would in year 9… An amazing upgrade for our everything… Thanks SOOOO(O) much for that.

  1. You have been all of our/teachers best friends ever. You have been my and surely all of our favourite teachers. You have been amazing in every way this year (and the other 8 years you have been here)

So good luck at your new school, thanks for everything and… Yeah! (-_-)

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