Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Mrs. Notley!

Mrs. Notley has been a great teacher to all of us and students in the past. Mrs. Notley is wonderful, funny, kind, generous, loving, caring, fair, happy, gentle, friendly, polite, delightful, beautiful, nice and just so awesome! Even though Mrs. Notley is leaving, she is leaving for kids who need her help. She has been at this school for 9 years and will be missed heaps! Even though we will be sad, she is leaving for the better. You always gave us smiles and made us happy. Thank you for everything you have done Mrs. Notley. You are our pride and joy and loved having you as our teacher. We will miss you heaps! Remember to always send us pictures, emails and videos to catch up with you! We would hate to miss out on your life and miss out on seeing your smiles!!!

  • Delilah :)

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