Wednesday, 2 August 2017

How to get out of jail? Using peanut butter

How to get out of jail? Using peanut butter
A dozen of inmates (12) from an Alabama jail not by cutting through steel bars, not drilling through walls, or ripping off a toilet from a wall. They used peanut butter. Jim Underwood told reports that the inmates used peanut butter to make the number of the door leading out like to look like the number of one of the internal cell doors. They then asked an unsuspecting jail guard who was in contract room keeping count of inmates through a camera to open the door. He was leading the inmates back into their cell. But unbeknownst to the guard, he had accidentally unlocked the door the door that opens to the outside “that might sound crazy but these people are crazy like a fox” Underwood said. That is there plain but I don’t know how the did it.

By: Jamie Wickes


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