Thursday, 10 August 2017

Clones (Based Off A Dream I Had).

(Based Off A Dream I Had).

I had a strange dream last night. I was in a forest, it was midday so there was some light I was running away from this creature. It had white skin. As pale as snow, giant black spots all over its body. I got to a light at the end. A giant farm field. I wanted to go but there was an electric fence in the way. It got bigger and bigger but, when the creature caught up to me I woke up. I got up to get ready for school. When I was there I had to do a task for a teacher, “Go and get me a couple of books from the library”. I was walking across the blue patch and suddenly I got hit by a pole and for some reason I saw my body lying on the ground but I was floating in the air. I looked at myself and I was translucent but with a hint of blue. I saw the creature from my dream, a couple of teachers and me, a second me?! They looked up at me then tried to grab me I started flying away. I came to a hill and I fell. I couldn’t fly any more.
Bonk! I hit the ground and I got up without any pain. I then saw some people look at me but for some reason not strangely. They nodded at me then kept climbing up. So I followed them and they stopped. There were at least four or five people at the top.They were carrying guns but no ordinary guns, the spot where the bullets come out had a bright white glow. When they saw someone they shot them immediately. A white spark came out and hit the person then they turned into white ashes. There was a label on their jackets and it said “Ellebasi” “I Immediately felt deja vu, Then they started walking away to a path on the right then the group of people that I was following went to the left path. We came to the same forest from my dream, the same field with the electric fence. They put there hands in front of the electric fence. A portal opened, they looked back and nodded at me and walked through and so I followed.

It was amazing there were crystals everywhere. I came to a sudden stop. “Hello” Said a voice. “Um hi?” I said. “You’re not from this

dimension are you.” Said the voice. “No one is.” Said the voice. Someone came walking around a shelf like object. “Hi my name is Apundo,
I’m the keeper of the crystals, I’m sorry if I spooked you a little. “It’s fine” I said. “Well your visit here is not going to be long, so you might want to know about the crystals.”Apundo said. “ok” I said. (One hour later). “You’re gonna have to go on the Light Gate with the others. You can see me when you come back here is your necklace make sure you put it on or you will perish and no longer exist, Oh and one more thing do not trust anyone and keep that crystal necklace with you everywhere you go do not trade them. Now Go!” Apundo said. I ran off and walked to the teleporter, there it was in my sight! “WOW!” I shrieked in excitement.
A few people stood next to me one with handcuffs and a amber coloured crystal around his neck I suddenly remembered how Apundo was talking about the colours of the crystals, then I threw myself at him we both fell on the ground both holding each other's crystals then we teleported.
The guy was sitting down mumbling to himself why why whyy... “ugh shut it” I said.” “The only thing we can do is search for a place to stay” I said strongly. “First of all you should not be here and second of all i’m considered a criminal so that’s why I was sent here in the first place” The Guy said. “I'm sorry... I did not think about that. So are you gonna join me or die?”I said. “I’m just going to stay ,there is no point if i’m only going to get sent back.” He said. “Ok suit yourself”I said. “Oh and one last thing why aren’t you scared or worried” he said. “because i’m only a spirit i’m not in my true form and I never was” I said. Then I walked off.
I hopped into a boat. “Where to?” Said a voice. “Anywhere that I can sleep” I said. “Ok.”said the voice.
It started to rain and I was sitting next to someone who to me was considered a person. After the rain stopped I had a few more stops before I came to some stairs. There was a guard but it was easy to get pass him.

Then I came to a city and to a portal.
There were guards “Can not go past.”A guard said. “Sorry I have to do this” I said. Then I just walked through him and I teleported back.
I was sitting on a table with my family I was holding a knife I dropped it, it cut me I was immediately pinned to the ground I could not move or open my eyes then I open them again in bed and another disaster happened and it happened over and over till one day I stopped and I was lying on a medical bed and my body was made out of different coloured crystals and I looked up and I saw Apundo. “I’m sorry I had to your crystal was broken so your body was breaking apart” she said. I looked at my hands and said “it’s beautiful... but...I...” “ You you really thinks so?” She said. I looked up at her and the last thing I saw was a fading light that went from white to black, I never woke up. These were the last sounds I could hear... “Thank you for giving this user a non clone body replacement for it to stay but this is not a right function for the spirit, but also this user's time limit up so they will not be operating anymore. After this message any memories of this will be erased. Thank You, Sincerely Ellebasi Simulations.”

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