Sunday, 2 July 2017

What I have done in term 2

So far in term two I have been the host for the Kereru speech finals and that was pretty cool, because I got to announce all of the people that made the speech finals and it also gave me a lot of confidence. I have also been to motat with the Kereru team and that has help mainly everyone learn about people that invented helpful things. We also went on tram ride but unfortunately we did not go into the historical museum were the NZ planes were that they used in war. We learnt all about what the Maori people used to survive in their day like the shell to call on the tribe and what the European weared when they arrived in New Zealand. We also did technology and I did photography and it was awesome because I got to learn about how to use a camera properly and also how to make your picture stand out or making the person looking at the photo guess what they are looking at. It was really fun because we had time at the end to play a game that we had to take photo’s around the school in alphabetical order it could be a letter or something that starts with the letter.  

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