Thursday, 6 July 2017

What I have been up to in Term two.

Term two:

Term two has been full of hard work and lead ups it has been all about ,J Rock and cross country training

J Rock:

We have been practising every wednesday lunch and friday lunch and afternoon for our J Rock performance.  It is not just something that comes together  in 1 week, we are talking about all Term (8 weeks). Chloe, Scarlet, Ella and I got chosen to trial for the two main parts, which were the Evil queen and Snow white.  They had made their choice and they let us know The Evil Queen was…….ELLA!! Snow white was……..KENDYL!!. We started from the end dance and worked our way through that first, we then moved onto getting into our scenes we all got told what scenes we were in and got told what our scene is about and what you do in your scene then we all practised our own scenes seperate to the other scenes. Once we had all nailed our scenes we put them all together and took it from there. We just keep practising and practising and we finally got there.On wednesday night we all were so very nervous we all got there and went and watched the other schools rehearse, they were amazing. When we rehearsed not many people were watching so we had no audience for our first and second rehearsal but for our third one two schools came and watched us.I think we did three amazing rehearsals. There were a few things we needed to work on but that was fine because it was not our real one it was only our rehearsals. We were performing third out of 6 schools.We went back to our dress room and got all our makeup and hair done and got all of our costumes on.We were then all called onto stage we had to quickly get into our curtains and get ready to start. When I performed  it made me feel so happy and  so relieved that I didn't make a mistake and it made me feel so glad that I got to do it with my family watching me and my friends in the curtains.I loved being told afterwards “I’m so proud of you, you did so well you're amazing” by my family, friends and teachers. I think the J Rock team gave it their all in every scene. I couldn't of been able to do it without all the amazing J Rock people so thank you so much to all the J Rock students that performed and helped back stage, and thank you to all the teachers and parents that came to help and put the effort and your time into making the J Rock night happen and thanks to the supporters in the audience.In the end we won eight awards out of nine. WE DID SO WELL. GO REREMOANA!!!  

  Cross country training:

Every Monday,Wednesday and thursday morning I have Cross country training with other students in keraru and the tui team. Some days we get timed other days we don't. We do 1 km,1.5 km,2 km,3 km and sprints(100 m,200 m and 300 m)We work so hard every morning and we use all that we have got. "I'm always better than I was before I came to training". Thank you Mr.Fourie for running this program for us and giving up your time to do this.

By Kendyl

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