Wednesday, 5 July 2017

What I have been up to in term 2

What I have been up to in term 2

What I’m writing about : J Rock

This term I have been up to so many things but I am just going to explain about one, it is J Rock. This term and last term some of Reremoana school have been practising dances and scenes to show at J Rock. In each of our scenes we were trying to explain something to the audience. Our seven scenes were Opening scene then animal cruelty than Processed food than men getting paid more than women, People using their electronics too much, People caring too much about their looks than it was the homeless scene and lastly it was the war scene that is about too much war happening. After all the scenes we did an end dance with everybody in it. The names for the scenes are Circus scene, Produce scene, Business scene, Social media scene, Glamorous scene, Homeless scene lastly war scene. Overall I had a great time doing our performance at J Rock, I enjoyed practising the dances and learning them and I liked watching the other schools perform their dance. We won 8 awards out of 9. Our dance was about seven wrongs with the world and we performed at Aotea centre.

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