Thursday, 6 July 2017

What I did in Term 2!!!

Summary of term 2

I loved term 2 because we went on so many trips this term like for some people Jrock,Marae,MOTAT and that's all I can remember. Jrock was awesome because I liked how everyone did it right and my favourite scenes were the opening scene and the Glamorous scene. Because in the opening scene Kendyl and Ella and the animals were awesome at acting and especially Kendyl and Ella because they were the main character. Kendyl was Snow White and Ella was The Evil Queen. My scenes were Business and Homeless. We practised J Rock for 9 weeks and it took a lot of time and hard work and did it every Wednesday and Friday at lunch I think I did good in Jrock when we all did the end dance it was a very long and stressful day for everyone.

My Marae trip was good because I got to learn a song and a few people got to do a play about brothers (I forgot what is was about). When we had lunch there was nothing to do so me and my friends just played Banana Split and walked around. We also did a game with a lady (forgot her name) I got out like always on the middle of the game. It was really fun on the bus I think I sat next to Delilah sorry if i’m wrong.

MOTAT was amazing as ever because my dad came and I love spending time with them. My group had Delilah,Hemisha,Natalie and William my group had William so my dad wasn’t stuck with all girls. My favourite part was the trampoline and the VR the trampoline part was cool because you got to jump on this really big and bouncy tramp and you had to jump in the spot where the balloon is on the screen but you couldn’t jump on the black balloon because that would mean you lost all your points. But we didn’t lose any points. Me and my dad loved the tram ride because we did it together.

I had real fun this term with everybody. Everybody was nice and kind to me they did good learning and hopefully they all tried so hard to achieve things like J Rock because we were all nervous because there were so many people. AIMS people tried hard to get there spot. Also what I liked about this term was the learning because I got to achieve all my times tables and gotten better at spelling. But next term in term 3 I need to try hard to achieve my Writing by getting better ideas and structuring it better and Cross Country. I liked the novel reading studies that Mrs Notley planned for us all and measurement for math and mathletics.
By Brodi

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