Monday, 3 July 2017

What have i done in term 2 -Lucan

Hello i am Lucan and these are the things we have been doing in my class (room 5) i'm gonna list the trips that i can remember Motat um... that's the only one i know i went to. for Reading i have been doing a novel study so we read the book that Mrs Notley has given us and i have a list of things i have to do every time i read 2 chapters i have finished the book and i am working on my storyboard. For writing i have been doing an ''Identity'' which is about  ur culture and where your family originates from and also u have to make a family tree. For maths i have been in quick 60 with Mrs Ledou (idk how to spell her name) and we started doing things i know then it started getting harder and harder for now were doing times (by times i mean the clock time) Inquiry i haven't done a life hack cause i couldn't think of one Well... Thats term 2 -Lucan

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