Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Skunk With Super Powers

Once there was a skunk with super powers.He lived in a shack, it was made out of sticks. Nobody liked him because when he farted it would make everyone pass out and make everything stink and he would always like to eat fly heads .One day skunk had a problem he had to morph into a human but his farts never went away. So everyone would throw up or pass out and everyone was mad at him. One day he was pulled to alcatraz but the humans forgot that he can teleport so he teleported and instead of a fart something else came out it was brown and smelly the stink bomb the he teleported to china and has hid there ever since  ,until one day he came back and farted so he got tied to a chair and decapitated. The humans thought that he was dead so they untied him, but he started running around like a headless chicken and got his head and was running with it but what he didn't know was that the humans planted 1 KG of C4 so he blew up and his farting chamber got punchered so the whole world stunk and fell out of orbit, and everyone dies


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