Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Perfect Book

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Ivy and Elfa yelled to their fans as they fly across the Blue Stone city from saving the day. they are super agents that have got super powers. Ivy has the power to get invisible and Elfa has the power to change her looks whenever she likes. When there is no danger Ivy pretends to be Sarah and Elfa pretends to be Lucy. they are two normal girls that go to the Elethan school. When Ivy is Sarah, she has got long straight blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes that look like the blue sea, but When she is a secret agent she wears pink tights, pink long-sleeves, a silver jacket and a black rabbit mask. When Elfa is Lucy she has got brown curly hair that is up to her shoulder, tan skin and green eyes that look like Jade. when she is a super agent she basically changes of what she wants to look like since she has the power to.

“I can’t believe we failed again,” shouted Black Diamond to his people that work for him. Black Diamond is Ivy and Elfa’s arch enemy, she makes trouble for Ivy and Elfa all the time. A person that works for Black diamond suggested that this time they should burn down the Blue Stone city. “But remember we’ve already tried that before and it didn’t work,” respond Black Diamond. Wendy, Black Diamond’s cleverest person said “we could use my Perfect Book to suck Ivy and Elfa in so they can’t get out.” Black Diamond thinks that it is a really good idea so he asked Wendy for it. “Just be careful, once you get sucked into the book you’ll not be able to get out since you’ll be so interested in the book you’ll not want to go, if you manage to want to get out say ‘Perfect Book, Perfect Book you are not so perfect at all then you’ll be able to get out,” Wendy warned Black Diamond. Black Diamond went off after Wendy’s warning.

Black Diamond crept into Ivy and Elfa’s room he opens the book, a second later Ivy and Elfa got suck into the book. The black diamond was so happy. He went back to his cave and planned what she is going to do to the Blue Stone city. On the second day, Black diamond took over the city and said “Ivy and Elfa got locked in a book, so no one is going to rescue you people” to people that live in the city. Meanwhile, Ivy and Elfa is trying to get the password but they didn’t get it right.

Ivy’s dog Sparky and Elfa’s cat Shelley sneak into Black Diamond wardrobe and waited there. Later on, Black Diamond asked Wendy if the password is ‘Perfect Book, Perfect Book you are not so perfect at all and Wendy said yes. Sparky and Shelley found the perfect book and manage to suck them self in it too. They told Ivy and Elfa what the password is and they all got out. Ivy and Elfa got changed into their ‘agent clothes’ and flew to where Black Diamond lives. They fight with Black Diamond for few rounds and the Black Diamond got caught. Elfa used a rope and tied Black Diamond up while Ivy burns the Perfect Book. The city is once again back to peaceful again.

By Amy

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  1. I like your concept, but there are a lot of mistakes in your story. Like you wrote work but it was meant to be worked.