Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Life of a Superhero

Today I'm going to talk about a man named Charlie who wasn't as normal as he appeared.

Charlie acted like any other person, he had your usual  morning routine, he ate breakfast every morning, got dressed, and then left for work at the same time. You see he worked at a restaurant as a waiter.  The restaurant was called ‘Nous vous servons l'amitiĆ©’ which is French for ‘We serve you friendship’. He loved his job, as he met so many friendly and amazing people, but he also had another job. He was secretly a superhero so in this job he could protect those nice people he met at his restaurant.

The entire city knew of the mysterious superhero they called  “Prophecy” he could shapeshift and see into the future, so he saw anything his opponent would do even before he or she did it, which gave him a great advantage when it came to fighting. He was on a mission to defeat his arch enemy Maniac Masi! With this job he would need his trusty side kick Slick Silver.  Slick Silver had the ability to travel at the speed of light so when he was running it was as though everything else was in slow motion.

It was time to face Maniac Masi. Prophecy had pinpointed his current location to the port, where he was hiding in a shipping container waiting to blow up the city’s prized building. His target was the biggest tower in the country ‘The Cloud Tower’ which was filled with at least 150 people. Unfortunately the metal container Maniac Masi was in blocked Prophecy from seeing his next move so he had to get inside Slick Silver had taken out all the bodyguards around the port and it was Prophecies turn to open the container and capture Maniac Masi. He transformed into a tiny ant and crawled into the container where he saw Maniac Masi.

“I know you're there Prophecy” Prophecy turned back into his human form and responded to Maniac Masi “You
won't win” “Yes you're right I won't win this time but you won't capture me either” said Maniac Masi “And why is that?” “Because you have two choices, capture me your arch enemy, or save your trusty side kick and 150 people... you have 30 seconds left to decide” “I'm sorry Prophecy they got me of surprise” Slick Silver said through their radios………..

He quickly decided which was more important and turned back into a tiny ant again to get out of the container. He then transformed into a kangaroo and beat up the bodyguards that were holding Slick Silver. He then transformed into a Peregrine Falcon and with Slick Silver by his side they raced off to the tower to save the people. As he was about to save everyone, Prophecy could see the container being carried onto a cargo ship with a crane which then sailed off into the distance.

Although they disarmed the bomb and saved the people Prophecy couldn’t help but wonder when he would finally capture Maniac Masi and put him away for good.    

By Charlie                     


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  1. Charlie I think your writing is awesome because you had a lot of detail about your superhero. Something you could have worked on was use a bit more vocabulary.