Sunday, 2 July 2017

Term 2 Summary

Term 2 Summary

For term 2 techology I was in the beginners sewing group which was with Mrs Notley in Room 5. On Wednesday we made tea towls, but before that we learnt about all kinds of fabrics and how to use a sewing machine. It took me a while to figure out how to use the sewing machine, but once I got the hang of it, it was easy to sew patterns onto my tea towl. On Thursday we made we made hacky sacks and something else that I forgot. Emilz and I finished making our hacky sacks early, so we made another one. Before we were released to go home we had a competition who could do most tricks with their hacky sacks.

On Thurday we had Jrock dress rehersal for the whole day, and I was in the back stage group. In the morning block the teachers were getting our clothes ready and doing the finishing touches on the props. In the middle block we rehersed the dance from top to bottom, and the back stage people were figuring out where to put the props and when we should move them. For the last block packed the props away, then we went through the dance a few more times and then we packed up for the day.

On Friday there was a netball central counties tournament, and I was going. There were 4 teams from our school the yr 7 girls team, yr 7 boys team, yr 8 girls team and the yr 8 boys team. Only the top 4 yr 7 & 8 girls teams could make it into counties, and only top 2 yr 7 & 8 boys teams could make it into counties. We the yr 7 girls team was winning all our games until we vs St Annes. Everyone on the team got so depressed afterwards because we lost against St Annes. But we made it into the semi final, but sadly we lost. After that we had our match for 3rd and 4th place, and we won that game. So the yr 7 girls team from our school got 3rd place and made it into counties. The yr 8 girls got 3rd place as well, the yr 7 boys got 1st place and the yr 8 boys got 1st place too. So all the teams from Reremoana made it into counties.

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