Thursday, 27 July 2017

SuperHero Writing

SuperHero Name:Cat Shadow
She is a cat at day but when someone calls for help she is Cat Shadow. Cat Shadow’s powers are that she can use the force,be invisible and freeze time. Cat Shadow is amazing at what she does but the bad thing about Cat Shadow is that she can’t speak. She lost her voice at the age of 1 when she got the powers to be a SuperHero. She always wanted to speak, other wise it would be pretty hard trying to talk to people on adventures. Cat Shadows sidekick is Miss Apple Rose Cat she lives basically with Cat Shadow. I know you might be wondering what is her real name? Her real name is Mia. Mia’s sidekick Miss Apple Rose Cat is always there for Mia even when she needs to go to the bathroom BUT NOT WITH HER she stays outside.

Mia (AKA) Cat Shadow is 20 years old and her sidekick is 22 years old. Mia’s archenemy is Spice Dog. Spice Dog loved the Spice Girls. Spice Dog and Cat Shadow hated each other. Spice Dog power is that she can turn people invisible, but not herself.

One day Cat Shadow had an adventure. Her adventure was to save 2 little girls one was Delilah and one was Kaizen.Another day Kaizen called Cat Shadow and her sidekick to come help her and Delilah. Cat Shadow and her sidekick were on a rescue!!! But when they got there they saw Spice Dog. Spice Dog was not meant to be there only CAt Shadow and her they battled to see who wins, but of course they needed to know what was the problem with Kaizen and Delilah. The problem was that they couldn’t find their way home. So the person who won got the SuperHero of the year and Mia really wanted it. So they battled they both shot lasers and they both had a force field.But Suddenly Mia stopped time and pushed Spice Dog in the water but he did not drown he got stuck on a fishy boat for the rest of his life and Mia took Delilah and Kaizen home safely.

The end


  1. I think you did a good job with your story. Maybe next time, you can work on your grammar.

  2. I really like how you have used powerfull words and I love the name of your superhero because it grabs my atention. Great Job :):):):)