Monday, 24 July 2017

Superhero Narritive


Her superpower is she can turn invisible she also has other accessories that are invisible too.
Her alto - ego is:
Name : Hannah
Age 25 years old
Job : Movie director
Family consists of Her husband Tom and her kid who is 9 years old and her name is Katie, they don’t know that Hannah is a superhero.
She is very kind and always thinks of others before her. She loves her jobs.
She doesn’t have a sickick because she works alone.
Her arch enemy is Fireeye her power is that she can shoot fireballs and fire from her eyes.
The adventures they go on :  once they went on an adventure where they saved thousands of people from dieing because fireball was shooting fireballs from her eyes and she was going crazy and was about to explode.

My Incredible adventure

On the 24th of december Christmas Eve, as usual everyone in Townsville was rushing around crazy getting last minute decorations and presents. Hannah Tom and Katie were also rushing around because that night their whole family was coming over from different parts of the world to have a Christmas eve dinner and they were hosting it, they just had to go to the supermarket to get some food for their dinner party.

When they got there everyone was screaming and running around because Fireeye was there shooting fireballs from her eyes at everyone, Fireeye is Shadow girl’s worst enemy and they both hate each other so much.

Hannah went and hid in the corner to change because she didn’t want her family to find out that she was a superhero, when Tom and Katie turned around Hannah was gone they thought that Fireeye must have taken Hannah with her to be her prisoner.

Shadow girl came out of the shadows very quietly but Fireeye saw her out of the corner of her eye so she quickly shot a fireball from her eye but Shadow girl turned invisible and was moving all over the place, when Fireeye shot fireballs at Shadow girl she always missed her.  Then out of nowhere Shadow girl turns un - invisible and puts up one of her shields so that when Fireeye shot her ball at her,  would come flying back at Fireeye, but since her shield was invisible no one could see it, so Fireeye shot her fireball at Shadow girl and it flew right back at her, then it hit her and she blew her up in the sky BOOM!!!

Shadow girl quickly disappeared and everyone was wondering where she went, then Hannah came back and walked over to her Husband Tom and  Katie, Tom said ‘ we were so worried about you are you okay did she hurt you ‘ ‘ No I’m okay ‘ Hannah replied back to Tom.

Then they all looked up at the time, they had 3 hours before the guests would start arriving, so they quickly started doing their supermarket shopping so they could get back home in time to get everything ready.

Once they finally arrived back at their house they quickly cooked all their food got everything set up and by the time they had finished, they heard the doorbell, DING DONG Hannah said ‘ oh that must be our first guests ‘ so they went to the door and opened it, then said ‘ welcome in it so good that you could make it ‘ ‘ Yay it’s you Uncle and Aunty you're here you're here ‘ Katie said excitedly.

Once everyone had arrived they had a big feast altogether and then afterwards they just hanged out together and had fun playing some cricket outside.     

In the morning everyone woke up and realised it was christmas so they all said to each other MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. After all the kids opened their presents, all the kids were so happy with what they got they, Hannah and Tom brought   Katie a kids size barbie mansion with two dolls she was so excited to play with it.

Everyone was happy that christmas because they were all together, then Hannah whispered to Tom ‘ I think this is the best christmas yet ‘ ‘ I think so too ‘ Tom replied.

The End       By Lili


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  2. Great Job Lili. I loved your superhero story. I love your choice of charters and where the setting takes place.