Wednesday, 26 July 2017

super Stan

Super Stan

Once in a creepy alley way there was a man that was taking dead body’s so know one could find out about them but then there was a man his name was Stanley he was a regular guy but then he saw what the man Stanley walked back away and changed into his suit and then asked the man what are you doing and the guy said “nothing I am doing nothing” but then super Stan asked “ well it looks like your putting these…. Wait is that a cop well that is not nice so I am going to take you to jail then super Stan put the guy in jail but there were other men that kept on doing it and super Stan could not handle it so super Stan tried to get cops and other super hero’s to help and then it just kept on going and going know one could handle it so super Stan kept on trying but then the leader that took care of the people that were hiding the bodies he kept on breaking them out so super Stan had to find the leader and kill him so he could not break them out and super Stan found his layer and has a super fight and super Stan was losing but then super Stan punched him in the jaw and then through him into the ocean so he could die and all of the crimes stayed in jail. But there was only one reason that super Stan won because he was invisible.  

By: Jamie Wickes  

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  1. Nice job but you made a couple homophone errors