Tuesday, 25 July 2017

narrative story By Rayhaan

narrative story     

Rayhaan was at work just doing what he was supposed to be doing and talking to his work mates and Rayhaan and his work mates decided to go outside and look at all the construction that he had done with all of his work mates.Rayhaan and his work mates continued on the building Rayhaan went go and get his building equipment BOOM Rayhaan got hit by a rock from the sky.Rayhaan work mates came to help him and they called 111 and they asked for an ambulance.

2 years later

Rayhaan decided one day to go back to that old shut down construction site and he saw lots of tape around the construction site and it said DANGER STAY OUT Rayhaan ignored the tape and went into the construction site there he saw the rock that nearly killed him he touched it slowly ZAP! It shocked him and he became unconscious.Rayhaan woke up after a while and walked back home and the construction site was crumbling and then Rayhaan got blocked by a very big rock.Rayhaan tried to jump over the rock but it did not work but he was getting higher and Rayhaan tried it again and he got higher and then Rayhaan looked down he was Flying!!! and he flyed over the rock and Rayhaan landed back on the ground he was amazed he said “It must of been that rock that made me unconscious I wonder if I have any more super powers” then Rayhaan looked back at the rock and punched it and it crumbled and Rayhaan said I also have super strength! From this day my superhero name will be RAYMAN!!!!!!!!

Rayman was at home watching tv in the moring and he was watching the news and the news said evil criminal mastermind!! Blowing but the town building by building and Rayman went to stop this enemy but before he left he said I need a sidekick!! And went to Lucans house and told him the whole story about how he got his powers and at the end he asked Lucan do you want to be my sidekick and he said yes!!!!!!! and then Rayman is my superhero name what is yours???? Lucan said for now it will just be Lucan and then Rayman said do you what to get super powers lucan said yes of course!!! And then Rayman said ok i'll take you to the place where I got my super powers Lucan said ok then.Rayman said to lucan just touch the rock and you will get super powers Lucan said are you sure Rayman said yea just do it ZAP!!!! Lucan touched it and went unconscious I waited for Lucan for about two hours!!!!!Lucan woke up and I said how do you you feel Lucan? I feel fine said Lucan and then Rayman said jump three times you should be able to fly ok said Lucan.Lucan jumped three times and then he started to fly Lucan said WOW this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Rayman said if you what to stop flying and then you bend your legs and you will go down ok????? Said Lucan then Lucan bent his legs and went down.What else superpowers do you have? Wait  punch this!!!!!! Lucan said if I punch this i'll break my hands Rayman said just try it ok then but you owe me $50.00 if I break my hands Rayman said fine then Lucan said ok then Crack!!!! Lucan cracked the rock and Lucan said ooo wow well that's great.So let's go and fight that evil villain wait what said Lucan Rayman said Yes of course we are super heros Lucan said oh yea ok.Rayman and Lucan flyed all the way to town and there was the villain blowing up all the building and then the villain spotted Rayman and Lucan and started twirling broken ruble at Rayman and Lucan.Rayman and Lucan started dodging the rubble that was getting throwing at them.Rayman and Lucan got closer and closer and when they were close engage Rayman and Lucan both pushed the villain in the head and the villain died!!!!!!! Rayman and Lucan stand victorious as they had defeated the evil villan.As quick as they both could Rayman and Lucan both flyed back home and changed into their normal clothes.That was Rayman and Lucan’s first ever adventure as superheroes.

The end!!!! By Rayhaan   (Rayman)  


  1. Good Job Rayhaan :) Remember to put spaces after commas and also your spelling. Good job on your writing though :) Very interesting :D

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  3. I mean work on your spelling

  4. Really good story Rayhaan, but next time make sure you put quotation marks to tell that the other person is talking