Thursday, 27 July 2017

Superhero Story! (Super Dee and Zoe)


Age - 11
Job - Doesn’t have one
Family - Mum, Dad, Brother, 4 step brothers, 1 step sister, 4 dogs, 3 cats
Children - Doesn’t have / want any


One day, a girl named Kaizen was walking down the street with her friend Aaliyah near the beach park. They were going to the dairy to get some candy. Kaizen’s parents  were at home just relaxing. Aaliyah’s parents were out buying groceries. It was a lovely day. The sky was blue, there were barely any clouds so there wouldn’t be any rain. There was only one cloud in the far distance but it was a huge one. Aaliyah and Kaizen were not so worried because they knew it would not rain while they were walking…

As they were chattering away and talking about what they would buy at the dairy, a guy jumped out of nowhere and kidnapped both of the girls… Since both of their parents were still waiting at home, they started to panic and worry about Kaizen and Aaliyah. Kaizen’s mum and dad were thinking that there might have been a long line at the dairy or they stopped to pat a couple of animals. They were both really confused and worried about Kaizen and Aaliyah…

Minutes later, Aaliyah and Kaizen woke up in a black van with tinted windows and their hands were tied up with a rope so tight that it could almost cut off their blood supply. Kaizen and Aaliyah had never been in such a situation like that before so they didn’t know what to do except for one thing…… CALL SUPER Dee!!! Aaliyah got her phone out and started to dial Super Dee’s number. Super Dee answered and said that she and her sidekick (Zoe the dog) will come straight after she finished her Mac Dees!! (Mc Donalds)

Super Dee quickly finished her Mc Donalds and rushed over to help Aaliyah and Kaizen. Aaliyah tried to see where they were so that Super De could locate them but the windows were dark and hard to see. Kaizen said that she could see the playground near the roundabout. Super Dee rushed over and could see the black van moving at speed! She had to run fast but the only thing faster than her, was her dog Zoe… Zoe sprinted off at full speed getting closer and closer to the girls.

When Zoe jumped on the van, Super Dee came running after her with her extra speed boost shoes. She caught up to the van, got inside and killed the man that was driving. Super Dee slowed down and helped the girls take the ropes off the girls hand. After a while of comforting the girls, Super Dee drove Kaizen and Aaliyah back to their houses safely and she told the girls parents what had happened. Aaliyah and Kaizens parents were really thankful to Super Dee and Zoe.

The End!


  1. I think your story was good and you did good editing

  2. I think it was good because you did good paragraphs and you layed it out neatly. Something you could work on is you can maybe put who your archenemy is and i also like how you had a problem