Thursday, 27 July 2017

My Superhero

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About her:
My superhero is called sticky power bomb . She is a girl that has red/pink hair and has the power to be able to stick to anything she wants, when she presses a button hidden behind her purple shimmering cape.Her power can also be used to shoot her sticky bombs at baddys. It sticks to anyone she shoots it at and it takes a week to come off. My superhero’s alter-ego is called Georgia calman she lives in the city, she is an amazing sporty kind lady and loves to be around her family, her family doesn't know that there is a superhero behind just being Georgia. At night is when sticky power bomb comes out and has her fun.

Sticky power bomb was on her way to find the most strongest meanest criminal in the world (STIMLOGA). On her way past the tallest building in the city, she had spotted a lady been hold over the edge of the top of the building. Stimloga was the one holding her.By having the power to be able to stick to anything she pushes the button behind her capse and runs up and up and up and up the building until Stimloga let the lady go. The lady was heading right towards Sticky power bomb, sticky power bomb didn’t know what to do. She was either going to move right out of the way so she didn’t get hit by her but hit the ground and go after Stimloga or grab her as she’s falling down and hope she can still be sticking to the building and let Stimloga go.The next morning he was obviously still in the city because he had to stay the night somewhere, so sticky power bomb packed up and got ready to go hunting and try and find stimloga once more and for all.

By Kendyl

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