Thursday, 27 July 2017

My Superhero Manimal

My superhero manimal
Christopher Fulford became a superhero when he had a scientific accident.He realized he could transform into any type of animal and called himself manimal.

His super powers are to morph into any animals and use their abilities.

Manimals adventure is to help police capture thieves with his powers and defend the world,his main goal is to try capture his main enemy called lion fist and his lion troops.

When he becomes an animal he thinks like an animal
When he becomes a human he works as a scientist in a big medical company and nobody know’s his identity.

His sidekick is shark fish he is very intelligent but goofy.

His incredible adventure was defeating the thieves and mostly defeating lion fist and his lion troops.

His arch enemy is called lion fist.

By Ryan

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  1. Good job Ryan. Your writing is very creative and also super interesting. Remember to put in full stops all the time and also put one space after a comma.