Thursday, 27 July 2017

My Superhero By Scarlet

In America, a young man named Ben Shackleton aka Captain Thunderbolt. Captain Thunderbolt is the most famous superhero of all time because he could fly, teleport, and he has super strong. Every day he would either save the day or he would go to work as an everyday mechanic.

One fortunate day Captain Thunderbolt got a call that said he had to go save the president, Donald Trump. He had a choice to make either let him be killed or to save him but he had to do what's best for his country so he jetted over to the White House. It took him only 1 minute to fly to the White House, 10 minutes to knock out the bad guys and 5 minutes to get them to jail. Thanks to his powers he was able to do all his superhero work before dinner time.

After he got back to his little apartment he just got back to his normal daily. He had his dinner and then he went to his little study and read some of his favourite book Sherlock Holme Study in Scarlet.


  1. Good story apart from a few errors Scarlet

  2. good writing but I did not know where your super hero lived did he live in a different country or usa you could of explained

  3. Good story, but just a few errors... and it is depressing because Donald Trump survived...