Sunday, 23 July 2017

My Narrative Writing (Space Adventure)

The (dangerous) Space Journey

My 'hero' is me! I have no superpower, no code name, just me!

I have been training to be an astronaut for four years. I have been wanting to go into space since I was seven. Today is the third of December, 9229. I had only 7 workmates with me, four scientists, and three actual astronauts. We were just entering the Ozone Layer, over America. In around five minutes, we were able to unstrap our belts, and fly around the ship. The main point of the mission was to enter a worm hole to a new dimension, to look for a new home, because the Milky Way and Andromeda were going to collide. Usually, this would be fine, but scientists on the Earth discovered that there was a planet in Andromeda that was in the perfect place to collide with Earth, meaning everyone/thing will die off. Earth only had over 100 years to save themselves. We had to be quick.

One Year Later

I was now flying the spacecraft, since the driver died of suffocation, because he fell on a sharp rock causing his space mask to tear open, and kill him. This happened on a planet with intense gravity pull over 2 months ago. They knew the wormhole was close, maybe a couple days away. So now, I decided to put the ship on auto drive. I went to the gym, had a shower, ate some food and had a chat with the scientists. This bought me 3 hours. Until, I heard a beeping sound from the station. I ran over to the station, and saw there was an enormous red circle, on the map. It was ahead of us. 94 Kilometres away. I looked straight forward, and saw nothing. I called up Brad, a scientist to hear his thoughts about it. He said maybe it was an invisible planet, or an invisible star. Then, he thought it was a black hole.

It was a black hole. So we had to get to the drivers seat and steer out of the way of the black hole. We were going at high speed. So I had to slow down, and turn. Sadly, slowing down takes around 3 minutes, meaning we would have a remaining 76 kilometres. We turned at the same time as slowing down, but it turned very slowly. The black hole was now 54 Kilometres away. We have turned all the way, but were still flying backwards. "AHHHHHHHH!" We all yelled as we were getting sucked into the black hole. We were getting stretched so hard, until... Everything went black.

- Campbell Allan

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  1. well done Campbell but how did the characters in the story solve the problem