Thursday, 27 July 2017

My Supper Hero Fam Bam

...My superhero is Fam Bam...

Fam Bam is a girl superhero that is used to teleport your family from one place to the other. Fam Bam is my favorite superhero because she is always there to get my family when I need them the most. Fam Bam has been on a lot of adventures such as going to family events and even saving some people's lives. How does she do that you may wonder, well till this very day it still remains a mystery. Fam Bam’s alter-ego is from the dark side, she wants to rule the world!... But other than that she is a normal human being.😀 She has a lot of secret co-workers that make sure everyone in each country is safe. Fam Bam has a secret minion that is her informer. His name is co-bammer. He helps Fam Bam with all of her missions. Fam Bam’s arch enemy is Mrs Notley. Fam Bam want’s to make sure everyone knows her as the new Fam Notley. She wants to be Mrs Notley because she is Kind, Funny, Smelly and Cheerful. Fam Bam want to be everything that Mrs Notley is but not smelly.


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  2. Emily I think your could have told us more on your story because it was a bit repetitive, also I think you could have made the sentences make more sense because they were also a bit repetitive as well. I like all your character's and where your setting was set.
    By Lili