Wednesday, 26 July 2017

bob Jr the 21st and Steve Jr the superhero

Once upon a time there was a superhero named bob Jr the 21st. His superpower was to fly, to pick up heavy things, and everything else superman could do. But what made bob Jr the 21st special, was that he was from new Zealand, and he had a sidekick. The sidekick was his son, and his son's name was super kid. This was his superhero name, his real name was Steve Jr, and Steve Jr's powers where the same as bob Jr the 21st but Steve Jr could not fly. However he was faster than bob Jr the 21st and when he jumped he pretty much flew. They went to America and they heard of this new president Donald Trump, they didn’t really like him. They were watching TV and they heard that Donald Trump was building a WALL in front of Mexico, and they got angry, so they decided to wait for the wall to be finished.   
The WALL was finally finished, so bob Jr the 21st and his son Steve Jr could finish there very long mission to smash Donald Trump’s wall, but before they could they needed a super drink called Gatorade. Once they finished there Gatorade they went to the place where the wall was supposed to be, but the wall was destroyed by the new president William Jr. Once bob Jr the 21st and his son Steve Jr heard the news they didn’t Know what to do, so they thought about it for a very long time
They came up with an idea to go back to new Zealand. So they got the first plane back to new Zealand. And lived there life, and waited for their next mission.

By William Jr  


  1. funny and I liked the photo's good job

  2. It was very funny and you did some good pictures, but you could improve on maybe describing why Donald Trump wanted to build a wall.