Thursday, 27 July 2017

Bad Karma With A Touch Of Good - A super hero story.

Bad Karma With A Touch Of Good
Amrak is Karma backwards

Aspin a boy, whose life was torn into pieces by his mother's death at his birth and his father's death from broken heart. He had fully black eyes, Short bright white hair He was raised in an orphanage where he was always bullied till the point he almost tried to kill himself.  He never fought back the bullies because of his powers, he always hid his hand he was afraid of touching anything. The only friend he ever had was a girl named Rebecca she always was curious of what he was doing. She had long wavy ginger hair, bright grey eyes and she always wore a pink dress with a green coat and to top it off she was holding a old looking doll. Aspin and Rebecca were born on the same date and given to the orphanage at the same time. They always thought they were related somehow. People from a town called Amrak all called him a freak when they were looking for a child to adopt. At dinner, when ever he picked up a knife for cutting his food it rusted away till it was a pile of rusty ashes also the same happened with his fork and when he picked up his meat it rotted and it stunk! He had the orphanage
leader stuff the food down his neck. When he was 17 he was forced to be sent to a special school on a fancy private jet. He could see the school from a couple kilometres away. His jaw dropped. He shouted “This school is huge!” The school was 75 stories high and at the back there was an enormous swimming pool which was 42 meters deep 90 meters long and 42 meters wide! When the jet landed he freaked out there were people with lasers shooting out of their eyes and people duplicating themselves! He also saw that the school was also on a cliff! He learnt everything the needed to know about superheros and super villains and he always asked why did he get sent to this school when all he can do is destroy things. The only thing the teachers said was control your power and use it wisely. There was this one teacher who talked about this villain who uses this school to make villain sidekicks using bugs to infect them with villain mind syndrome. The last week of that term Aspin saw Rebecca. As soon as he was going to run over he saw a bug landing on her locket and her eyes went dark purple and she started chasing Aspin till the point he got to the cliff and they were just standing face to face. Next minute he got pushed off the cliff dragging Rebecca by holding here locket till it disappeared. Then the Rebecca immediately snapped out of the villain vision and
screamed. He held her against his chest and closed his eyes without thinking and he landed on his back. While Rebecca fainted and Aspin didn’t feel a thing but he tried to get up but he couldn’t. Then he looked down his chest was bleeding and he saw a rock pierced him by something. He started shutting his eye slowly he tried to keep them open but he was to tired from blood loss. But just before he closed his eyes he saw some people looking at him. Suddenly he woke up at the sick bay next to Rebecca he was told that he saved Rebecca by holding her and he was really confused of how she didn’t die but what made him froze is that he was told his true power. He had the power to create anything he could even give himself any power at once. The orphanage brainwashed him to think that destruction was his power so he didn’t think he was so special the whole time he thought of one power and he was just thinking of the power of destruction. From then and on Aspin became the world's greatest and only super hero but where did all the other superheroes go?

To Be Continued...

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  1. Part Depressing but a really good story. Could of used some more description and more expressive words.