Saturday, 29 July 2017

Making all different kinds of pikelets!

In Room 5 we love to eat! So we decided to integrate our learning of measurement in with baking pikelets and it worked! We all collaborated within our small groups and the end results were very yummy. We made normal pikelets, blueberry pikelets, chocolate chip pikelets and banana pikelets. Below are some photos of the process we went through and of enjoying them. Hope you enjoy the photos! :)

Thursday, 27 July 2017

My Superhero Manimal

My superhero manimal
Christopher Fulford became a superhero when he had a scientific accident.He realized he could transform into any type of animal and called himself manimal.

His super powers are to morph into any animals and use their abilities.

Manimals adventure is to help police capture thieves with his powers and defend the world,his main goal is to try capture his main enemy called lion fist and his lion troops.

When he becomes an animal he thinks like an animal
When he becomes a human he works as a scientist in a big medical company and nobody know’s his identity.

His sidekick is shark fish he is very intelligent but goofy.

His incredible adventure was defeating the thieves and mostly defeating lion fist and his lion troops.

His arch enemy is called lion fist.

By Ryan

The Life of a Superhero

Today I'm going to talk about a man named Charlie who wasn't as normal as he appeared.

Charlie acted like any other person, he had your usual  morning routine, he ate breakfast every morning, got dressed, and then left for work at the same time. You see he worked at a restaurant as a waiter.  The restaurant was called ‘Nous vous servons l'amitiΓ©’ which is French for ‘We serve you friendship’. He loved his job, as he met so many friendly and amazing people, but he also had another job. He was secretly a superhero so in this job he could protect those nice people he met at his restaurant.

The entire city knew of the mysterious superhero they called  “Prophecy” he could shapeshift and see into the future, so he saw anything his opponent would do even before he or she did it, which gave him a great advantage when it came to fighting. He was on a mission to defeat his arch enemy Maniac Masi! With this job he would need his trusty side kick Slick Silver.  Slick Silver had the ability to travel at the speed of light so when he was running it was as though everything else was in slow motion.

It was time to face Maniac Masi. Prophecy had pinpointed his current location to the port, where he was hiding in a shipping container waiting to blow up the city’s prized building. His target was the biggest tower in the country ‘The Cloud Tower’ which was filled with at least 150 people. Unfortunately the metal container Maniac Masi was in blocked Prophecy from seeing his next move so he had to get inside Slick Silver had taken out all the bodyguards around the port and it was Prophecies turn to open the container and capture Maniac Masi. He transformed into a tiny ant and crawled into the container where he saw Maniac Masi.

“I know you're there Prophecy” Prophecy turned back into his human form and responded to Maniac Masi “You
won't win” “Yes you're right I won't win this time but you won't capture me either” said Maniac Masi “And why is that?” “Because you have two choices, capture me your arch enemy, or save your trusty side kick and 150 people... you have 30 seconds left to decide” “I'm sorry Prophecy they got me of surprise” Slick Silver said through their radios………..

He quickly decided which was more important and turned back into a tiny ant again to get out of the container. He then transformed into a kangaroo and beat up the bodyguards that were holding Slick Silver. He then transformed into a Peregrine Falcon and with Slick Silver by his side they raced off to the tower to save the people. As he was about to save everyone, Prophecy could see the container being carried onto a cargo ship with a crane which then sailed off into the distance.

Although they disarmed the bomb and saved the people Prophecy couldn’t help but wonder when he would finally capture Maniac Masi and put him away for good.    

By Charlie                     


Bad Karma With A Touch Of Good - A super hero story.

Bad Karma With A Touch Of Good
Amrak is Karma backwards

Aspin a boy, whose life was torn into pieces by his mother's death at his birth and his father's death from broken heart. He had fully black eyes, Short bright white hair He was raised in an orphanage where he was always bullied till the point he almost tried to kill himself.  He never fought back the bullies because of his powers, he always hid his hand he was afraid of touching anything. The only friend he ever had was a girl named Rebecca she always was curious of what he was doing. She had long wavy ginger hair, bright grey eyes and she always wore a pink dress with a green coat and to top it off she was holding a old looking doll. Aspin and Rebecca were born on the same date and given to the orphanage at the same time. They always thought they were related somehow. People from a town called Amrak all called him a freak when they were looking for a child to adopt. At dinner, when ever he picked up a knife for cutting his food it rusted away till it was a pile of rusty ashes also the same happened with his fork and when he picked up his meat it rotted and it stunk! He had the orphanage
leader stuff the food down his neck. When he was 17 he was forced to be sent to a special school on a fancy private jet. He could see the school from a couple kilometres away. His jaw dropped. He shouted “This school is huge!” The school was 75 stories high and at the back there was an enormous swimming pool which was 42 meters deep 90 meters long and 42 meters wide! When the jet landed he freaked out there were people with lasers shooting out of their eyes and people duplicating themselves! He also saw that the school was also on a cliff! He learnt everything the needed to know about superheros and super villains and he always asked why did he get sent to this school when all he can do is destroy things. The only thing the teachers said was control your power and use it wisely. There was this one teacher who talked about this villain who uses this school to make villain sidekicks using bugs to infect them with villain mind syndrome. The last week of that term Aspin saw Rebecca. As soon as he was going to run over he saw a bug landing on her locket and her eyes went dark purple and she started chasing Aspin till the point he got to the cliff and they were just standing face to face. Next minute he got pushed off the cliff dragging Rebecca by holding here locket till it disappeared. Then the Rebecca immediately snapped out of the villain vision and
screamed. He held her against his chest and closed his eyes without thinking and he landed on his back. While Rebecca fainted and Aspin didn’t feel a thing but he tried to get up but he couldn’t. Then he looked down his chest was bleeding and he saw a rock pierced him by something. He started shutting his eye slowly he tried to keep them open but he was to tired from blood loss. But just before he closed his eyes he saw some people looking at him. Suddenly he woke up at the sick bay next to Rebecca he was told that he saved Rebecca by holding her and he was really confused of how she didn’t die but what made him froze is that he was told his true power. He had the power to create anything he could even give himself any power at once. The orphanage brainwashed him to think that destruction was his power so he didn’t think he was so special the whole time he thought of one power and he was just thinking of the power of destruction. From then and on Aspin became the world's greatest and only super hero but where did all the other superheroes go?

To Be Continued...

My Superhero By Scarlet

In America, a young man named Ben Shackleton aka Captain Thunderbolt. Captain Thunderbolt is the most famous superhero of all time because he could fly, teleport, and he has super strong. Every day he would either save the day or he would go to work as an everyday mechanic.

One fortunate day Captain Thunderbolt got a call that said he had to go save the president, Donald Trump. He had a choice to make either let him be killed or to save him but he had to do what's best for his country so he jetted over to the White House. It took him only 1 minute to fly to the White House, 10 minutes to knock out the bad guys and 5 minutes to get them to jail. Thanks to his powers he was able to do all his superhero work before dinner time.

After he got back to his little apartment he just got back to his normal daily. He had his dinner and then he went to his little study and read some of his favourite book Sherlock Holme Study in Scarlet.

The Skunk With Super Powers

Once there was a skunk with super powers.He lived in a shack, it was made out of sticks. Nobody liked him because when he farted it would make everyone pass out and make everything stink and he would always like to eat fly heads .One day skunk had a problem he had to morph into a human but his farts never went away. So everyone would throw up or pass out and everyone was mad at him. One day he was pulled to alcatraz but the humans forgot that he can teleport so he teleported and instead of a fart something else came out it was brown and smelly the stink bomb the he teleported to china and has hid there ever since  ,until one day he came back and farted so he got tied to a chair and decapitated. The humans thought that he was dead so they untied him, but he started running around like a headless chicken and got his head and was running with it but what he didn't know was that the humans planted 1 KG of C4 so he blew up and his farting chamber got punchered so the whole world stunk and fell out of orbit, and everyone dies


My Supper Hero Fam Bam

...My superhero is Fam Bam...

Fam Bam is a girl superhero that is used to teleport your family from one place to the other. Fam Bam is my favorite superhero because she is always there to get my family when I need them the most. Fam Bam has been on a lot of adventures such as going to family events and even saving some people's lives. How does she do that you may wonder, well till this very day it still remains a mystery. Fam Bam’s alter-ego is from the dark side, she wants to rule the world!... But other than that she is a normal human being.πŸ˜€ She has a lot of secret co-workers that make sure everyone in each country is safe. Fam Bam has a secret minion that is her informer. His name is co-bammer. He helps Fam Bam with all of her missions. Fam Bam’s arch enemy is Mrs Notley. Fam Bam want’s to make sure everyone knows her as the new Fam Notley. She wants to be Mrs Notley because she is Kind, Funny, Smelly and Cheerful. Fam Bam want to be everything that Mrs Notley is but not smelly.

Superhero Story! (Super Dee and Zoe)


Age - 11
Job - Doesn’t have one
Family - Mum, Dad, Brother, 4 step brothers, 1 step sister, 4 dogs, 3 cats
Children - Doesn’t have / want any


One day, a girl named Kaizen was walking down the street with her friend Aaliyah near the beach park. They were going to the dairy to get some candy. Kaizen’s parents  were at home just relaxing. Aaliyah’s parents were out buying groceries. It was a lovely day. The sky was blue, there were barely any clouds so there wouldn’t be any rain. There was only one cloud in the far distance but it was a huge one. Aaliyah and Kaizen were not so worried because they knew it would not rain while they were walking…

As they were chattering away and talking about what they would buy at the dairy, a guy jumped out of nowhere and kidnapped both of the girls… Since both of their parents were still waiting at home, they started to panic and worry about Kaizen and Aaliyah. Kaizen’s mum and dad were thinking that there might have been a long line at the dairy or they stopped to pat a couple of animals. They were both really confused and worried about Kaizen and Aaliyah…

Minutes later, Aaliyah and Kaizen woke up in a black van with tinted windows and their hands were tied up with a rope so tight that it could almost cut off their blood supply. Kaizen and Aaliyah had never been in such a situation like that before so they didn’t know what to do except for one thing…… CALL SUPER Dee!!! Aaliyah got her phone out and started to dial Super Dee’s number. Super Dee answered and said that she and her sidekick (Zoe the dog) will come straight after she finished her Mac Dees!! (Mc Donalds)

Super Dee quickly finished her Mc Donalds and rushed over to help Aaliyah and Kaizen. Aaliyah tried to see where they were so that Super De could locate them but the windows were dark and hard to see. Kaizen said that she could see the playground near the roundabout. Super Dee rushed over and could see the black van moving at speed! She had to run fast but the only thing faster than her, was her dog Zoe… Zoe sprinted off at full speed getting closer and closer to the girls.

When Zoe jumped on the van, Super Dee came running after her with her extra speed boost shoes. She caught up to the van, got inside and killed the man that was driving. Super Dee slowed down and helped the girls take the ropes off the girls hand. After a while of comforting the girls, Super Dee drove Kaizen and Aaliyah back to their houses safely and she told the girls parents what had happened. Aaliyah and Kaizens parents were really thankful to Super Dee and Zoe.

The End!

SuperHero Writing

SuperHero Name:Cat Shadow
She is a cat at day but when someone calls for help she is Cat Shadow. Cat Shadow’s powers are that she can use the force,be invisible and freeze time. Cat Shadow is amazing at what she does but the bad thing about Cat Shadow is that she can’t speak. She lost her voice at the age of 1 when she got the powers to be a SuperHero. She always wanted to speak, other wise it would be pretty hard trying to talk to people on adventures. Cat Shadows sidekick is Miss Apple Rose Cat she lives basically with Cat Shadow. I know you might be wondering what is her real name? Her real name is Mia. Mia’s sidekick Miss Apple Rose Cat is always there for Mia even when she needs to go to the bathroom BUT NOT WITH HER she stays outside.

Mia (AKA) Cat Shadow is 20 years old and her sidekick is 22 years old. Mia’s archenemy is Spice Dog. Spice Dog loved the Spice Girls. Spice Dog and Cat Shadow hated each other. Spice Dog power is that she can turn people invisible, but not herself.

One day Cat Shadow had an adventure. Her adventure was to save 2 little girls one was Delilah and one was Kaizen.Another day Kaizen called Cat Shadow and her sidekick to come help her and Delilah. Cat Shadow and her sidekick were on a rescue!!! But when they got there they saw Spice Dog. Spice Dog was not meant to be there only CAt Shadow and her they battled to see who wins, but of course they needed to know what was the problem with Kaizen and Delilah. The problem was that they couldn’t find their way home. So the person who won got the SuperHero of the year and Mia really wanted it. So they battled they both shot lasers and they both had a force field.But Suddenly Mia stopped time and pushed Spice Dog in the water but he did not drown he got stuck on a fishy boat for the rest of his life and Mia took Delilah and Kaizen home safely.

The end

My Superhero

Rendered Image
About her:
My superhero is called sticky power bomb . She is a girl that has red/pink hair and has the power to be able to stick to anything she wants, when she presses a button hidden behind her purple shimmering cape.Her power can also be used to shoot her sticky bombs at baddys. It sticks to anyone she shoots it at and it takes a week to come off. My superhero’s alter-ego is called Georgia calman she lives in the city, she is an amazing sporty kind lady and loves to be around her family, her family doesn't know that there is a superhero behind just being Georgia. At night is when sticky power bomb comes out and has her fun.

Sticky power bomb was on her way to find the most strongest meanest criminal in the world (STIMLOGA). On her way past the tallest building in the city, she had spotted a lady been hold over the edge of the top of the building. Stimloga was the one holding her.By having the power to be able to stick to anything she pushes the button behind her capse and runs up and up and up and up the building until Stimloga let the lady go. The lady was heading right towards Sticky power bomb, sticky power bomb didn’t know what to do. She was either going to move right out of the way so she didn’t get hit by her but hit the ground and go after Stimloga or grab her as she’s falling down and hope she can still be sticking to the building and let Stimloga go.The next morning he was obviously still in the city because he had to stay the night somewhere, so sticky power bomb packed up and got ready to go hunting and try and find stimloga once more and for all.

By Kendyl

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Supergirl,she is a girl and her name is Rose,her power is that she can turn invisible and if she wants someone else to turn invisible with her then she has to shake her wand and say the person's name that she wants to be invisible with.If Rose only wants herself to be invisible then she will have to say ‘invisible Rose’.Rose is a kind and talkative girl that helps
others and make people laugh.Rose doesn't have a sidekick.Rose is 24 years old.Rose loves her job which is saving people's lives or saving people from getting hurt.Rose has only 1 sister and her name is Rosie a bit similar to Rose’s name.No one knows that Rose is a superhero and what awesome powers Rose has.

By Hemisha

super Stan

Super Stan

Once in a creepy alley way there was a man that was taking dead body’s so know one could find out about them but then there was a man his name was Stanley he was a regular guy but then he saw what the man Stanley walked back away and changed into his suit and then asked the man what are you doing and the guy said “nothing I am doing nothing” but then super Stan asked “ well it looks like your putting these…. Wait is that a cop well that is not nice so I am going to take you to jail then super Stan put the guy in jail but there were other men that kept on doing it and super Stan could not handle it so super Stan tried to get cops and other super hero’s to help and then it just kept on going and going know one could handle it so super Stan kept on trying but then the leader that took care of the people that were hiding the bodies he kept on breaking them out so super Stan had to find the leader and kill him so he could not break them out and super Stan found his layer and has a super fight and super Stan was losing but then super Stan punched him in the jaw and then through him into the ocean so he could die and all of the crimes stayed in jail. But there was only one reason that super Stan won because he was invisible.  

By: Jamie Wickes  

bob Jr the 21st and Steve Jr the superhero

Once upon a time there was a superhero named bob Jr the 21st. His superpower was to fly, to pick up heavy things, and everything else superman could do. But what made bob Jr the 21st special, was that he was from new Zealand, and he had a sidekick. The sidekick was his son, and his son's name was super kid. This was his superhero name, his real name was Steve Jr, and Steve Jr's powers where the same as bob Jr the 21st but Steve Jr could not fly. However he was faster than bob Jr the 21st and when he jumped he pretty much flew. They went to America and they heard of this new president Donald Trump, they didn’t really like him. They were watching TV and they heard that Donald Trump was building a WALL in front of Mexico, and they got angry, so they decided to wait for the wall to be finished.   
The WALL was finally finished, so bob Jr the 21st and his son Steve Jr could finish there very long mission to smash Donald Trump’s wall, but before they could they needed a super drink called Gatorade. Once they finished there Gatorade they went to the place where the wall was supposed to be, but the wall was destroyed by the new president William Jr. Once bob Jr the 21st and his son Steve Jr heard the news they didn’t Know what to do, so they thought about it for a very long time
They came up with an idea to go back to new Zealand. So they got the first plane back to new Zealand. And lived there life, and waited for their next mission.

By William Jr  

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

narrative story By Rayhaan

narrative story     

Rayhaan was at work just doing what he was supposed to be doing and talking to his work mates and Rayhaan and his work mates decided to go outside and look at all the construction that he had done with all of his work mates.Rayhaan and his work mates continued on the building Rayhaan went go and get his building equipment BOOM Rayhaan got hit by a rock from the sky.Rayhaan work mates came to help him and they called 111 and they asked for an ambulance.

2 years later

Rayhaan decided one day to go back to that old shut down construction site and he saw lots of tape around the construction site and it said DANGER STAY OUT Rayhaan ignored the tape and went into the construction site there he saw the rock that nearly killed him he touched it slowly ZAP! It shocked him and he became unconscious.Rayhaan woke up after a while and walked back home and the construction site was crumbling and then Rayhaan got blocked by a very big rock.Rayhaan tried to jump over the rock but it did not work but he was getting higher and Rayhaan tried it again and he got higher and then Rayhaan looked down he was Flying!!! and he flyed over the rock and Rayhaan landed back on the ground he was amazed he said “It must of been that rock that made me unconscious I wonder if I have any more super powers” then Rayhaan looked back at the rock and punched it and it crumbled and Rayhaan said I also have super strength! From this day my superhero name will be RAYMAN!!!!!!!!

Rayman was at home watching tv in the moring and he was watching the news and the news said evil criminal mastermind!! Blowing but the town building by building and Rayman went to stop this enemy but before he left he said I need a sidekick!! And went to Lucans house and told him the whole story about how he got his powers and at the end he asked Lucan do you want to be my sidekick and he said yes!!!!!!! and then Rayman is my superhero name what is yours???? Lucan said for now it will just be Lucan and then Rayman said do you what to get super powers lucan said yes of course!!! And then Rayman said ok i'll take you to the place where I got my super powers Lucan said ok then.Rayman said to lucan just touch the rock and you will get super powers Lucan said are you sure Rayman said yea just do it ZAP!!!! Lucan touched it and went unconscious I waited for Lucan for about two hours!!!!!Lucan woke up and I said how do you you feel Lucan? I feel fine said Lucan and then Rayman said jump three times you should be able to fly ok said Lucan.Lucan jumped three times and then he started to fly Lucan said WOW this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Rayman said if you what to stop flying and then you bend your legs and you will go down ok????? Said Lucan then Lucan bent his legs and went down.What else superpowers do you have? Wait  punch this!!!!!! Lucan said if I punch this i'll break my hands Rayman said just try it ok then but you owe me $50.00 if I break my hands Rayman said fine then Lucan said ok then Crack!!!! Lucan cracked the rock and Lucan said ooo wow well that's great.So let's go and fight that evil villain wait what said Lucan Rayman said Yes of course we are super heros Lucan said oh yea ok.Rayman and Lucan flyed all the way to town and there was the villain blowing up all the building and then the villain spotted Rayman and Lucan and started twirling broken ruble at Rayman and Lucan.Rayman and Lucan started dodging the rubble that was getting throwing at them.Rayman and Lucan got closer and closer and when they were close engage Rayman and Lucan both pushed the villain in the head and the villain died!!!!!!! Rayman and Lucan stand victorious as they had defeated the evil villan.As quick as they both could Rayman and Lucan both flyed back home and changed into their normal clothes.That was Rayman and Lucan’s first ever adventure as superheroes.

The end!!!! By Rayhaan   (Rayman)  

The Perfect Book

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Ivy and Elfa yelled to their fans as they fly across the Blue Stone city from saving the day. they are super agents that have got super powers. Ivy has the power to get invisible and Elfa has the power to change her looks whenever she likes. When there is no danger Ivy pretends to be Sarah and Elfa pretends to be Lucy. they are two normal girls that go to the Elethan school. When Ivy is Sarah, she has got long straight blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes that look like the blue sea, but When she is a secret agent she wears pink tights, pink long-sleeves, a silver jacket and a black rabbit mask. When Elfa is Lucy she has got brown curly hair that is up to her shoulder, tan skin and green eyes that look like Jade. when she is a super agent she basically changes of what she wants to look like since she has the power to.

“I can’t believe we failed again,” shouted Black Diamond to his people that work for him. Black Diamond is Ivy and Elfa’s arch enemy, she makes trouble for Ivy and Elfa all the time. A person that works for Black diamond suggested that this time they should burn down the Blue Stone city. “But remember we’ve already tried that before and it didn’t work,” respond Black Diamond. Wendy, Black Diamond’s cleverest person said “we could use my Perfect Book to suck Ivy and Elfa in so they can’t get out.” Black Diamond thinks that it is a really good idea so he asked Wendy for it. “Just be careful, once you get sucked into the book you’ll not be able to get out since you’ll be so interested in the book you’ll not want to go, if you manage to want to get out say ‘Perfect Book, Perfect Book you are not so perfect at all then you’ll be able to get out,” Wendy warned Black Diamond. Black Diamond went off after Wendy’s warning.

Black Diamond crept into Ivy and Elfa’s room he opens the book, a second later Ivy and Elfa got suck into the book. The black diamond was so happy. He went back to his cave and planned what she is going to do to the Blue Stone city. On the second day, Black diamond took over the city and said “Ivy and Elfa got locked in a book, so no one is going to rescue you people” to people that live in the city. Meanwhile, Ivy and Elfa is trying to get the password but they didn’t get it right.

Ivy’s dog Sparky and Elfa’s cat Shelley sneak into Black Diamond wardrobe and waited there. Later on, Black Diamond asked Wendy if the password is ‘Perfect Book, Perfect Book you are not so perfect at all and Wendy said yes. Sparky and Shelley found the perfect book and manage to suck them self in it too. They told Ivy and Elfa what the password is and they all got out. Ivy and Elfa got changed into their ‘agent clothes’ and flew to where Black Diamond lives. They fight with Black Diamond for few rounds and the Black Diamond got caught. Elfa used a rope and tied Black Diamond up while Ivy burns the Perfect Book. The city is once again back to peaceful again.

By Amy

Monday, 24 July 2017

Superhero Narritive


Her superpower is she can turn invisible she also has other accessories that are invisible too.
Her alto - ego is:
Name : Hannah
Age 25 years old
Job : Movie director
Family consists of Her husband Tom and her kid who is 9 years old and her name is Katie, they don’t know that Hannah is a superhero.
She is very kind and always thinks of others before her. She loves her jobs.
She doesn’t have a sickick because she works alone.
Her arch enemy is Fireeye her power is that she can shoot fireballs and fire from her eyes.
The adventures they go on :  once they went on an adventure where they saved thousands of people from dieing because fireball was shooting fireballs from her eyes and she was going crazy and was about to explode.

My Incredible adventure

On the 24th of december Christmas Eve, as usual everyone in Townsville was rushing around crazy getting last minute decorations and presents. Hannah Tom and Katie were also rushing around because that night their whole family was coming over from different parts of the world to have a Christmas eve dinner and they were hosting it, they just had to go to the supermarket to get some food for their dinner party.

When they got there everyone was screaming and running around because Fireeye was there shooting fireballs from her eyes at everyone, Fireeye is Shadow girl’s worst enemy and they both hate each other so much.

Hannah went and hid in the corner to change because she didn’t want her family to find out that she was a superhero, when Tom and Katie turned around Hannah was gone they thought that Fireeye must have taken Hannah with her to be her prisoner.

Shadow girl came out of the shadows very quietly but Fireeye saw her out of the corner of her eye so she quickly shot a fireball from her eye but Shadow girl turned invisible and was moving all over the place, when Fireeye shot fireballs at Shadow girl she always missed her.  Then out of nowhere Shadow girl turns un - invisible and puts up one of her shields so that when Fireeye shot her ball at her,  would come flying back at Fireeye, but since her shield was invisible no one could see it, so Fireeye shot her fireball at Shadow girl and it flew right back at her, then it hit her and she blew her up in the sky BOOM!!!

Shadow girl quickly disappeared and everyone was wondering where she went, then Hannah came back and walked over to her Husband Tom and  Katie, Tom said ‘ we were so worried about you are you okay did she hurt you ‘ ‘ No I’m okay ‘ Hannah replied back to Tom.

Then they all looked up at the time, they had 3 hours before the guests would start arriving, so they quickly started doing their supermarket shopping so they could get back home in time to get everything ready.

Once they finally arrived back at their house they quickly cooked all their food got everything set up and by the time they had finished, they heard the doorbell, DING DONG Hannah said ‘ oh that must be our first guests ‘ so they went to the door and opened it, then said ‘ welcome in it so good that you could make it ‘ ‘ Yay it’s you Uncle and Aunty you're here you're here ‘ Katie said excitedly.

Once everyone had arrived they had a big feast altogether and then afterwards they just hanged out together and had fun playing some cricket outside.     

In the morning everyone woke up and realised it was christmas so they all said to each other MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. After all the kids opened their presents, all the kids were so happy with what they got they, Hannah and Tom brought   Katie a kids size barbie mansion with two dolls she was so excited to play with it.

Everyone was happy that christmas because they were all together, then Hannah whispered to Tom ‘ I think this is the best christmas yet ‘ ‘ I think so too ‘ Tom replied.

The End       By Lili

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Ladybug and Cat Noir's story

Ladybug and Cat Noir's story
"There goes Ladybug and Cat Noir saving the day again" shouted the news reporter into the microphone. Ladybug swung away before anyone could go surround Cat Noir and her. Ladybug is a superhero that saves the day with her partner Cat Noir. But when she is not saving the day Ladybug is just a normal high school girl that is very poor. Her name is Serena, Serena lives in a poor family but she is very kind and smart. When Cat Noir is not saving the day, he is just a normal high school boy that lives in a rich family. His name is Darien, Serena and Darien are actually classmates but they don't know that they are partners when saving the day. 

Ladybug's super-power is using fire, and Cat Noir's super-power is a type of magic that when he calls for it he can destroy anything. There enemy is actually Darien's dad, but Ladybug and Cat Noir doesn't know that. Darien's dad's villain name is called Hockmoth, he makes villains by turning normal people that has a dark heart into villains. Serena has black hair and she has blue bell eyes, Darien has Blond hair and green eyes. Hockmoth wants Ladybug and Cat Noir's Powers so he could rule the world. At school Serena actually has a crush on Darien, but Darien has a crush on Ladybug.

One day Serena finally had the courage to confess her love for Darien, but then he rejected her and said "sorry Serena I already have somebody that I like." Serena ran away filling her eyes with tears, she felt really depressed and at that very moment Hockmoth turned Serena into a Villain. The evil Serena called herself the Mirror Heart and she would destroy anyone that was in her way. Mirror heart was filled with hatred and she started to go around the school killing people. Then when Darien saw a villain he transformed into Cat Noir. When Cat Noir came face to face with Mirror heart he then knew it was Ladybug but also Serena because, he recognized Ladybug with a mask on.

Cat Noir was trying to explain to Mirror Heart that he had actually loved Ladybug with mean's he also loves Serena because they are the same person. "Ladybug let me explain" cried Cat Noir, "there is nothing to explain about, Cat Noir you better hand over your powers otherwise I will kill you" shouted Mirror Heart. Then Mirror Heart made the first move, Cat Noir and Mirror Heart was fighting. But Cat Noir wasn't able to attack Mirror Heart, "Cat Noir why aren't you attacking? are you afraid of hurting Ladybug?" "I will kill no matter what Cat Noir so you better start attacking", "I guess this is the only way I could save her" Cat Noir whispered to himself. As Mirror Heart ran to kill Cat Noir, Cat Noir held Mirror Heart's hand and kissed her on the lips. Then Serena turned back to normal "Darien I'm so sorry" cried Serena. "It's okay it's over now" Darien talking in a relieved voice.

By Natalie

My Narrative Writing (Space Adventure)

The (dangerous) Space Journey

My 'hero' is me! I have no superpower, no code name, just me!

I have been training to be an astronaut for four years. I have been wanting to go into space since I was seven. Today is the third of December, 9229. I had only 7 workmates with me, four scientists, and three actual astronauts. We were just entering the Ozone Layer, over America. In around five minutes, we were able to unstrap our belts, and fly around the ship. The main point of the mission was to enter a worm hole to a new dimension, to look for a new home, because the Milky Way and Andromeda were going to collide. Usually, this would be fine, but scientists on the Earth discovered that there was a planet in Andromeda that was in the perfect place to collide with Earth, meaning everyone/thing will die off. Earth only had over 100 years to save themselves. We had to be quick.

One Year Later

I was now flying the spacecraft, since the driver died of suffocation, because he fell on a sharp rock causing his space mask to tear open, and kill him. This happened on a planet with intense gravity pull over 2 months ago. They knew the wormhole was close, maybe a couple days away. So now, I decided to put the ship on auto drive. I went to the gym, had a shower, ate some food and had a chat with the scientists. This bought me 3 hours. Until, I heard a beeping sound from the station. I ran over to the station, and saw there was an enormous red circle, on the map. It was ahead of us. 94 Kilometres away. I looked straight forward, and saw nothing. I called up Brad, a scientist to hear his thoughts about it. He said maybe it was an invisible planet, or an invisible star. Then, he thought it was a black hole.

It was a black hole. So we had to get to the drivers seat and steer out of the way of the black hole. We were going at high speed. So I had to slow down, and turn. Sadly, slowing down takes around 3 minutes, meaning we would have a remaining 76 kilometres. We turned at the same time as slowing down, but it turned very slowly. The black hole was now 54 Kilometres away. We have turned all the way, but were still flying backwards. "AHHHHHHHH!" We all yelled as we were getting sucked into the black hole. We were getting stretched so hard, until... Everything went black.

- Campbell Allan

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Term Two Jrock - Campbell


In term one, people were able to join Jrock. Jrock is basically an acting and dancing performance, where whoever joins it from reremoana will perform it in front of a crowd. The main Jrock teachers that helped us create jrock this year, are Rachel Belve, Sophie Glenn and Mel Notley. In total, we practised mostly two times a week, for nine weeks.

The first thing we did when we arrived was start learning the end dance, which was a mix between 'I'm Only Human', and 'Chained To The Rhythm'. In about four weeks, we started splitting up to create our own scenes. My main scenes were the Buisness scene and the Homeless scene.

So, on the 5th of July, we were ready to preform. We got on the bus to get to the Aotea Thetre. When we arrived we put our shared lunch on the table, ate a bit, then went out to see other schools practise. After their three performances, we all got suprised with two people behind the camera of... The Edge!! They had a little talk to us, then we had to go.

We all got out our money from our school bags, and went to the food courts for lunch. I bought Burger King, and also some lollies from the dairy. We ate there, I accidentally signed up for yoga, then we left! We did our three practises, then at 7.00 sharp, ( to the show) we preformed in front of the massive audience. The show went great!! Since Lucy, Hannah, Chloe and I were the Reremoana School Rep's, we had to go on stage and get asked a couple of questions.

Towards the end of Jrock, the Reremoana School Rep's went on stage again to do prise giving. Reremoana got eight out of ten certificates, which was the highest for this year. (Compared to the other schools).

So in the end, Jrock 2017 went pretty well πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


Term 2

Even though term 2 was fun but there were some hard times like speech and tests. We went to the Marae and Motat towards the end of term 2. But I think the best thing in term 2 was Jrock. Mrs Notley, Mrs Bellve and Miss Glen worked really hard on it, thanks to them for making this happen. We did get a really good result. We got 8/10 rewards which is really good, I think our school got the most rewards.

Term 2 was really fun, I hope Term 3 & 4 can be just as interesting. I am sure it will be because Mrs Notley is really funny because she is funny looking!!! Get it?

What I have been up to in Term two.

Term two:

Term two has been full of hard work and lead ups it has been all about ,J Rock and cross country training

J Rock:

We have been practising every wednesday lunch and friday lunch and afternoon for our J Rock performance.  It is not just something that comes together  in 1 week, we are talking about all Term (8 weeks). Chloe, Scarlet, Ella and I got chosen to trial for the two main parts, which were the Evil queen and Snow white.  They had made their choice and they let us know The Evil Queen was…….ELLA!! Snow white was……..KENDYL!!. We started from the end dance and worked our way through that first, we then moved onto getting into our scenes we all got told what scenes we were in and got told what our scene is about and what you do in your scene then we all practised our own scenes seperate to the other scenes. Once we had all nailed our scenes we put them all together and took it from there. We just keep practising and practising and we finally got there.On wednesday night we all were so very nervous we all got there and went and watched the other schools rehearse, they were amazing. When we rehearsed not many people were watching so we had no audience for our first and second rehearsal but for our third one two schools came and watched us.I think we did three amazing rehearsals. There were a few things we needed to work on but that was fine because it was not our real one it was only our rehearsals. We were performing third out of 6 schools.We went back to our dress room and got all our makeup and hair done and got all of our costumes on.We were then all called onto stage we had to quickly get into our curtains and get ready to start. When I performed  it made me feel so happy and  so relieved that I didn't make a mistake and it made me feel so glad that I got to do it with my family watching me and my friends in the curtains.I loved being told afterwards “I’m so proud of you, you did so well you're amazing” by my family, friends and teachers. I think the J Rock team gave it their all in every scene. I couldn't of been able to do it without all the amazing J Rock people so thank you so much to all the J Rock students that performed and helped back stage, and thank you to all the teachers and parents that came to help and put the effort and your time into making the J Rock night happen and thanks to the supporters in the audience.In the end we won eight awards out of nine. WE DID SO WELL. GO REREMOANA!!!  

  Cross country training:

Every Monday,Wednesday and thursday morning I have Cross country training with other students in keraru and the tui team. Some days we get timed other days we don't. We do 1 km,1.5 km,2 km,3 km and sprints(100 m,200 m and 300 m)We work so hard every morning and we use all that we have got. "I'm always better than I was before I came to training". Thank you Mr.Fourie for running this program for us and giving up your time to do this.

By Kendyl