Friday, 16 June 2017

Soft Materials Technology

This week for Soft materials technology our students made a series of items. Firstly they learnt the different parts of a sewing machine and how to thread cotton through the machine and replace the bobin reel. After they had shown they could do this we drew up our patterns for our tea towels and decided on what embelishments we wanted to design them with. It taught us patience, that's for sure! Below are some photos of the sewing process and our finished products. Hope you like them...

 The next day we moved on to making our own drawstring bags and hacky sacks. We were more confident with the sewing machines but now we had to also hand sew and some of us found it challenging trying to thread cotton through the tiny eye of the needle! We even learnt how to iron... there we go Mum's and Dad's no excuses now, they can do all of the ironing in the house from now on. :)
Below are photos of the process and finished products. Enjoy!

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