Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Nyld, Nyld is where you go and see famous people that did things that leaders would do. So my favorite speaker was Daniel Flynn, and he talked about how kids in India and all the other countries that don’t have any water, so Daniel decided to make water, but the problem was that he had no money, they said do you know what you are doing and they said no so they can’t make a business for water when they have no water but they still did it. The brand was thank you, but you can’t put thank you on was bottles but he still did it. So Daniel was talking about nothing is impossible you can make anything. So Nyld was fun but there was a band named no man. They talked about how they met and how they all became music stars, and at the end they sang a song like it was a concert.  Here is a sneak peek what it is


By: Jamie Wickes 

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