Wednesday, 7 June 2017


National young leaders day

Who inspired me at national young leaders day it was the two brothers in law that did a little fundraising to save one of our Aotearoa beach and they called it give a little. Someone living in a different place had it and they wanted to sell it on the black market to anyone in the world and we don’t want that it is one of our beaches. We the fundraising started they checked in the morning and there were five donations towards it but three of them were themselves and the other one was one of their mum. Couples days later they got more and more till one morning he got a call from a real estate agent and he said we will help you out on your campaign to save one of our beaches. Then four days later they got invited to all of the tv news show and all they said “ was please help us out as we only want to save one of our beaches so please give a little”, then suddenly it went viral. They had two days left to the deadline then one of them said “we did it mate”.
That is why they inspired me at national young leaders day.

By Tane

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