Tuesday, 6 June 2017

National young leaders day 2017

National young leaders day 2017

                   Daniel Flynn

              I am a seed born of greatness

At National young leaders day the person who inspired me the most was Daniel Flynn, if you do not know who Daniel Flynn is he is the Co - founder and managing director of Thankyou, a social enterprise that exists to empower people to end global poverty.

What he did was, in some other countries they don’t get clean water or food so Daniel decided to get a group together which was two of his other friends and him. He asked loads of companies if they would use his water and food and would sell it, they all said no, for three years all the companies said no to him.

Then one day they asked this company and they said yes, they didn’t have to pay them money they would just sell it for free. After they finally got a company to sell their products, they then wanted the two most famous supermarkets in Australia to sell their products too, so they went on Youtube again and did a video saying our products are going to selling in the two supermarkets in Australia, now they didn’t actually say yes yet but if they got loads of videos of people drinking their Thankyou water then they would sell it.

A few days later they decided to get some helicopters and have a sign up saying our products are being sold in these two supermarkets if you say yes, those two helicopters were flying around the two supermarkets for a couple of hours. Later that day they got a call from the supermarkets and they said yes they would sell his products. Now his products are sold in many different places.

                                By Lili

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