Thursday, 29 June 2017

My Identity

My family tree: 

How common is my last name?

Allan, isn’t a very common last name. There are 310,155 families with that last name, yet the last name ‘smith’ is a very common last name, being 1.34%. That is, believe it or not, a lot!
My family’s beliefs...
All of the Allan family believe in God. This all started in 1961, when my grandad, (Robert Allan), decided to believe in God. How this happened, is that he decided to go to church when his parents first went, and he decided to go with it. Now, he goes to church, every Sunday, with my grandma as well.
Information about my Grandad, (dad’s side)
He was born in 1947, meaning he is 70. His birthday is in August, (i think!) He is an orphaned, which means his parents have, DUMPED HIM. He first met his ‘real’ parents in 1998. He met my Grandmother in 1972. He has been married for 42 years.
Information about my Grandma. (dad’s side)
My grandma was born in September 1949. She knows (both!) here parents. She was raised in New Plymouth but moved over to Auckland. Later, (I'm not sure when) she hurt herself, having to go into a wheelchair. She hurt herself more, (somehow) and managed to get paralysed. She has been paralysed since.
Information about my Grandad, (mum’s side)
My mum’s dad’s name is Roy Setters. He ‘was’ married to my grandma, until they decided to get divorced. Roy, decided to move somewhere down south, meaning I don’t get to see him much. He does own a massive caravan, which he lives in. He is planning on selling it, but I hope he doesn’t.
Information about my Grandma (mum’s side)
My grandma’s name is Jean. She lived in England but later moved over to New Zealand. Her parents are still alive. Her Mums name is Irene, but I'm not sure about her Dad. She goes on cruises to Singapore and the islands every two years with most of the family and also makes dumb and cringy mistakes of Facebook.

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