Sunday, 25 June 2017

My Culture

My Culture
What does the word “Culture” Mean?:
Culture is only used with the human race not animals that's why animals have breeds.A culture describes a family “Breed” like their are cultures such as Maori, Chinese, Indian, and American.There are way way more but we don’t have the timing.So culture is mainly like breed an breed is mainly like a different kind of sort of animal or human.

What i think makes my culture:
I think what i made my culture was the first one that was born my culture i certainly don’t know who it was but i know it was the first person born my culture.Then that culture spreaded then there became more and more and thats how im here now.

What does culture look like in my family circle?:
Well since i couldn’t get information from the internet ill use my mind.So first it start with first someone that was my culture and was in my family so it could be a great great great great great great grandparent.Then that person married another person and then another family member was born in my culture.This kept going on and on until well i don’t know when it stops or when it began.But sadly death can be caused in some cases this COULD stop it but there's a high chance it would not be able too.

By Dayton

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