Sunday, 25 June 2017

All about my culture i think it is about

I Samoa beaches and turtle beautiful sea and the television and the most dangerous and safe in Samoa bit too hot television and he knows that you can get alot of sunburt Samoa could bring even he sounded the same time to come tosamoa aND himself blew the toes to New Zealand because it is very hot. I Samoa no ovens and no beds in Samoa will need to buy them from Samoa store and you antie acting to store and limited to selling and nothing to alot of what to sell. And in Samoa if the watch itself is wanted PASP trees and eating do not aloude in MA by the aloude you eat because you will develop the ability. You And have't to buy them if Te. And Samoa when you go to Samoa Profit and leaving hair Down gain to alot of trouble. when it comes to my antie Back from Samoa Tau from my father and my family hole to help him and really helped police. My father speakes country and even a bit of English and my grandmother speakes Samoa went with my brother and anties speakes al Si itle of English and English as well. I The English are only two islands cold to be driven and also rural areas. And in Samoa can find cweed the beach and also shell and sometimes the turtles and injoy look at the beach .and in the language to be able to play games such as octopus and behold gang gang gamoe aND even games coulde nuckle bones but approaches Samoa

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