Monday, 1 May 2017

What i done in my holidays -Lucan

Straight after school i had to start packing my clothes and all that for a holiday that my mum and her friend payed for. when we were ready and my mum and her friend came to my house of we went. it took so long about 2 hours if i was to guess. when we got there all i done was go right to my computer to play some games until dinner and bed. (After the holiday houses) After the 9 days spent at two holiday houses i went back to my normal house so... far away as normal straight to my mums computer to play till Sunday cause i had to vacuum her room cause i have a deal with my mum that i will vacuum her room every Sunday to play on her computer. and that was my holiday :)


  1. Lucan, what would you do without computers?? :D I'm pleased you got to go away with your Mum. :)

    1. I would probably die :/ I NEED THE COMPUTER NO MATTER WHAT!!! thanks for the comment