Thursday, 4 May 2017

My Holiday By Brayden

In the holiday I stayed home for the week and I saw my cuz that had stayed in taumarunui for a term .Then I went to my grandfather's house by stanmore bay not for from silverdale
On monday morning And I went There and I went for a couple swims then on tuesday (anzac day we went fishing got the boat beached then we went out. the biggest fist about 45 cm long and we caught five fish (so that was dinner for two nights. After we got the fish we gutted the fish then we went back to land then the fish were filleted then we ate it for dinner.
On wednesday I just kayaked and swimmed and on thursday I just swimmed and kayaked and got wet when I was going to land. Overall I had a good holiday!

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  1. Brayden, my mouth is watering just reading about your yummy fish!