Thursday, 4 May 2017



In the holidays I was still recovering and resting my poor ear from my previous operation. I had a Calistia Toma which is a major ear infection and doctors had to take out 3 bones in my ear.(It was in my left ear). So once my ear was feeling much better, we got a phone call from my Aunt who lives in Wellington and it was NOT good. She phoned up to tell us that her sister had died from a heart attack. She asked us if we would love to go to her funeral, but I couldn't sadly. About 6 days later my mum saw on Facebook that my Uncle had died too from the same thing.(A heart attack). Of course we go to his funeral because we wanted to go and see him for the last time. When the funeral was over it was time for school, which leads up to now. So how was your holidays was it better than mine?

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  1. Wow Emily, I hope your next holidays are a lot better for you!