Sunday, 30 April 2017

What I did in my Holidays

What I did in my Holidays
On the 15th of April I went to my dad’s shop to work, I went in the morning at 6:00am with my dad. When we got there we were setting up the shop and stacked all the fruits and vegetables on the shelves. I was at the counter waiting for people to pay for their fruits and vegetables, my working partner was with me too. My working partner was Fijian and her name was Shitel. My dad was the boss of the fruit and Vegetable shop, my grandpa and my uncle was working for my dad. It was fun working at my dad’s shop, and I earned 50 dollars for working there.

On the 17th of April my whole family was going to the museum with my grandmother that just came from China (which is my mum’s mum). We were going there for the Easter hunt, once we got there I saw a lot of old things from the olden days. I saw a fake cannons there, cannons were used in the war. There was also a room filled with old Chinese things, I saw what they use to sew in the olden days, old cup, old plates and more. Also on that night it was my grandma’s birthday (my dad’s mum), we went to a Chinese restaurant to have dinner. All my uncles on my dad’s side were there with my cousins. We sang happy birthday to my grandma and had a lot of food for dinner, for example fish, chicken, duck and lots more.

On the 30th of April I went to the movies with my sisters, brother and my dad, we watched the Lost Village. After that we went to Pascoes and we bought my mum two things for mothers day. One was a necklace that Vicky, Kathy and Lucas brought with their own money, and I brought my mum a ring with my own money. I was also planning on making a happy mother’s day cake for my mum. Here are some photos.
By Nat

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  1. You are such a good girl Nat to help your dad out in his shop. It's cool you got to spend some time with your Grandma from China. And how lucky is your Mum with what you bought her! :)