Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Persuasive Advertisements

This term in writing we have been learning how to use powerful vocabulary to convince an audience to buy our products. We had to make a prototype of our product and a poster to advertise all of it's features, price, where to purchase and how it could make our life easier.

We hope you enjoy watching these!

Room 5

Delilah's advert
Campbell's advert
Emma's advert
Edison's advert
Tane's advert
Jamie's advert
Dayton's advert
Brodi's advert
Lucan's advert
Hemisha's advert
Michael's advert
Rayhaan's advert
Scarlet's advert
Lili's advert
Emily's advert
Charlie's advert
Brayden's advert
Natalie's advert

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