Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Anzac Day Blog Post

Anzac day takes place on 25 April. It honours our New Zealand soldiers who have returned from war and have died during the war. 25 April was the day that the New Zealand Soldiers and Australian soldiers landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula 1915. I respect and always go to the Anzac Parades. I think that our New Zealand Soldiers need to be paid respect and honour. These people who went to war have died (and some of them have lived) fighting for our country. 2,721 people died (from New Zealand) and 4,852 people were hurt and wounded.

When we go to Anzac Parades, we support the people there. We pay respect to the people who have died for our country and for the people who have come back alive. Lots and lots of people die in wars and the people who come back are very lucky. I have a family member of mine who went to war and came back alive. His name is Uncle Nova. He is not alive now but he still came back alive! The men who had to go through all of the shooting, killing, injuries and hurt people are lucky enough to be alive.

The red Poppy has become a symbol to remember those who died or who still serve and go to war. In many countries, the Poppy is worn around Armistice day (11 November) but in New Zealand it is worn on Anzac Day. The Poppy has been linked with the battlefield deaths since the time of great war. The plant was one of the first to grow and bloom in the mud and soil of Flanders Field…

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