Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Why we should be water smart
Did you know Auckland use to be an amazing place with our water but these days our water is turning into this    The silt-laden Hunua Dam. who wants to drink this I don’t but we I mean Reremoana need’s to stop silly around the water fountains, you know why I’m saying this because if we don’t have water in 3 days we can die, water is more important then food. Well they are both important to as but if you don’t drink fresh water in 3 days you can die and for food it takes a week to get sick and die with food.

You know why this is important because 5 year old 6,7,8 year old and that’s way to young for someone die. So we need to use less water or were going to drink dirty water at that is gross.

By:Jamie Wickes

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