Thursday, 2 March 2017

Why Children SHOULD stay at school 5 days a week.

Why Children SHOULD stay at school 5 days a week.

Reason 1: Education
I believe children should go to school 5 days a week because if you only go 4 or 3 days, you learn less and it's just overall a stupid idea. Just think about it, you will have less of a chance to get a job because you will not have enough education, meaning you will have no money, you will become poor, so do you really want to become Charlie Bucket before he goes to the factory?

Reason 2: Boredom
So yes. staying at home for 4 days and going to school for 3 does sound great, right? But no. You can't play with friends, you can't get fit, and you can't have fun. So with all this happining to you, you would go INSANELY BORED!  YAWN!

Reason 3: JOBS JOBS JOBS!!!!
At home, you are usually expected to do JOBS. But when you go to school, it's basically like freetime. But imagine without that. JOBS all  day, JOBS all night! Not as great as you thought huh?

Conclusion: So I hope this persuaded you to 'want' to go to school five days a week, istead of doing JOBS, being BORED, and getting no EDUCATION! Yeah! Second thoughts! Yeah! Thats what I thought!

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